January 28, 2014

Shop our New Locket Collection For Valentine's Day

Shop our New Locket Collection For Valentine's Day.  From yellow gold to sterling silver with each locket hand polished and hand engraved with various designs. Each locket opens up to reveal beautiful satin interiors that holds two to four photos depending on the design.

Our 14K Gold Pure Heart Locket is a beautiful pure locket that is hand polished to perfection.  It is a 20 mm long pendant charm with marvelous craftsmanship from master Hong Kong jewelers.

January 22, 2014

24K Gold Lacquer Roses


We are execited to introduce our 24K Gold Lacquer Roses made from hand picked premium roses.   The roses are then trimmed to perfect and layered by lacquer and then trimmed with 14K Yellow Gold on the petals and fully coated on the stem. 

Order it today as a great Valentine's Day Gift.


January 16, 2014

David Worley Meets his Baby Girl

 David Worley, the country music star, is sure to be singing something other than the blues after his baby daughter was born on March 24th. The couple named their baby girl, Savannah, who weighed in at six pounds, six ounces and almost 20 inches long. The couple is excited about being parents and the delivery went very well, according to reporters. Little Savannah will certainly need toys and supplies to help her create her own musical interests. This future country singer might enjoy the Musical Rocking Chair sold at Bliss Living to help inspire her future love for music.

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Source: People Magazine

January 14, 2014

New Crimson Heart Collection for Valentine's Day

Our new Crimson Heart Collection is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day.  Shop our entire Valentine's Day Gift collection as well that features jewelry, picture frames, and artisan glass gifts specially created for Valentine's Day.

Save 15% on Valentine's Day now with our special promotional code: VALENTINE2014.    Simply enter it in the "promotional code" field when you check out.  Featuring dark red refined rubies or Swarovksi crystals get the whole collection and save an additional 10%.


January 07, 2014

Geo Curve Personalized Pendant Necklace

We wanted to feature this new Geo Curve Personalized Pendant Necklace is a refreshing look on your necklace.  With two bright square cut birthstones of your choice and engraved names of your choice on a curved pendant, it looks so good on you. Wear this necklace with any casual outfits.