December 10, 2013

Story Behind Our Moms's Name Charm Necklace

Mom's Name Charm Necklace

This is the story of our Moms' Name Charm Necklace that we thought you would enjoy.

Going back to work after having a baby is not as easy as it looks. Everyday before I leave the house, I take little Emily in my arms and breathe deep into her tiny neck. I inhale this gloriously lovely smell that only babies have. She coos and squirms. Sometimes a warm and gooey dribble of spit smears my cheek. Then I look at her beautiful face and stare at her striking blue eyes that are so similar to my husband's. I tell her she's beautiful.

 Today as I go through this routine, the phone in my purse makes a sound and demands my attention. I get the urge to put Emily down and grab the phone but I resist. I let a couple more of messages go unread. Again, I turn my attention to my precious little girl and shower her face with tiny kisses. Finally, I gently lay her down on the fluffy pink blanket in her crib.

 Before walking out the door, I leave a few last-minute instructions for the nanny. Would you be surprised if I tell you I leave the house tearful?

Twenty minutes into our car ride, at a stoplight, my husband looks at me. "It's difficult for you, isn't it?"

 I respond, "Yes". He rubs my back, then holds hand before giving it a kiss. "It is for me, too but I know it's even more for you." He then pulls out a small box from his pocket and places it on my lap. The light turns green. From the box I pull out a pretty silver chain. Hanging from it is a round pendant, delicately thin. On its front, Emily's full name is etched in beautiful handwriting. On the back is the day we had her. Just a little above the pendant, in between two twisted nooks, is a pretty yellow stone. I smiled at him as I put it around my neck. He smiles back and says, "I can't wait to get home to "Emily."

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