October 26, 2012

Helpful Tips for Moms from Katie Bliss

We recently researched some cool tips for moms and you can read it here for free at Blissliving.com!

Dear Katie,
What are some helpful tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a new mother? 

Janey Mother of Two

Dear Janey,
Protect yourself and your children: We are big believers in sun screen to help protect adults and children.  SPF 40 to SPF 60 appear to be good choices. Anything above and it usually involves a lot higher concentrations of chemicals for diminishing returns.  Science has advanced enough to understand that sunscreen is an essential to help ward harmful ultraviolet rays.  Unlike previous generations it is important to apply sunscreen to children as well especially for long playground exposures or a day at the beach.  There are a number of children sunscreens available now too.

Getting a quality diaper bag is a great way to keep organized. An organized bag helps to organize your brain and lead to a more efficient lifestyle.  You do not need to use a cheap discount retailer baby bag either.  Blissliving.com has hundreds of celebrity worthy designer diaper bags for you choose from.  Colorful and in many styles, big and small you will have it all.

For new moms out there do not neglect your looks.  It helps to have great clothes and good looking personalized jewelry made for moms that makes the long days easier.  You work hard for your family and your lifestyle, keep it up with great jewelry and clothes, you deserve it!

Treat yourself to the occasional spa treatment and facials. Those are great releasing tension and getting away for a mini break. Have your spouse trade off wathcing the kids or have a relative or baby sitter watch them. Yes you heard that right guys, dads should get the occasional massage and facial as well. The ex foliation of the pores does wonders for your health and career!  Until next time.

Yours Truly,
Katie Bliss

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