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    March 29, 2011

    Shop Our Unique Gifts for Mom Now

    Now that you have seen mothers necklace designs with your children’s names on Oprah, in People and US Weekly you realize that they are not just a fashion craze and all of these famous TV shows and publications feature mothers jewelry by; they are a lovely and elegant way to always keep your precious babies nestled to your heart. Today, most jewelry has a message, especially for new parents who are celebrating the miracle of life that has come into their world. Bliss Living offers the most beautiful selection of personalized mommy jewelry with your children’s names. A few of our favorites are:
    Heidi Klum on Oprah Family Necklace (in Gold or Silver)

    Heidi Klum as beautiful and successful as she is and very high profile, wore an elegant little black dress and a simple gold necklace when on Oprahs show. On closer inspection, we saw that the necklace with three gold charms actually carries the name of her three children so that she has them with her wherever she goes. No matter how busy or in demand, she always has her family to remind her of the true values in life. We now call this the Heidi Klum necklace because of the huge demand for it. Created by hand just like Heidi Klums, BlissLiving’s “Heidi Klum on Oprah Family Necklace” features your children’s names on a delicate 14kt gold charm. When you order the necklace ask for as many charms to be engraved as you have members of your family.

    Silver Necklaces with Your Children’s Names
    The Double Charms Name Necklace in Silver is so sweet and adorable that you will hardly be able to resist it. As seen in US Weekly, lovely personalized mommy jewelry is made from pure sterling silver. The names of your children can be hand stamped and personalized with a birthstone of their birth month.
    Birthstone Necklaces with Your Children’s Names

    If we were to choose the single most trendy children’s name necklace, the Moms Name Charm Necklace in sterling silver has top billing. Entirely hand crafted and totally unique, this is some of the most beautiful jewelry you will ever wear. The petite sterling silver charm is hammered by the artisan to give it a rippling texture that shimmers in the light. The name of your child is engraved in her elegant script on the face and the date of birth on the reverse. The charm is then affixed to a stylish chain with an authentic Swarovski birthstone crystal. To further make this gorgeous jewelry even more of an original, you can add as many charms and crystals as you have members of your family and it is modular so you can add charms as your family grows making this a one-of-a-kind jewelry keepsake.

    Shop for your mothers day gifts. In addition to their unique handcrafted jewelry for moms they also have the worlds largest collection of designer diaper bags that have been worn by the likes of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Heidi Klum, and Jessica Alba. has tremendous amounts of unique mothers bracelets, mothers pendants, mothers rings and tons of other mothers jewelry. is also known for unique personalized baby gifts for girls, baby gifts for boys, kids wall art, personalized growth charts, kids room decor, and gifts for dad.

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    March 22, 2011

    FREE Hand Engraved Personalization On All Our Personalized Jewelry

    You get FREE personalization and free shipping over $99 with coupon code FREESHIP on all our unique personalized jewelry.  The personalization is hand engraved with your loved ones names and birth dates and other special messages.  Our personalized jewelry is a time honored tradition and we still do it how personalized jewelry is suppose to be done. Not from robotic machine stamped processes but by hand from our team of expert jewelers.  We do not make it until you order it.  Many of our designs are birthstone jewelry where genuine birthstones or Swarovski crystal birthstones are hand placed onto the jewelry pieces.  Some of our unique jewelry for mom such as the Mom's Name Charm Necklace is hand hammered on the charm surface to make an unique shine look with each piece one of a kind.

    If you order right now you can use the coupon code blog15 we will take 15% off.  This offer is not valid with the free shipping over so you can choose either one.  The personalization is complimentary in either case.  These offers are limited so please order today. 

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    March 15, 2011

    Unique Personalized Baby Boy Gift Ideas

    Shop from unique collection of personalized baby boy gifts that includes over hundreds of choices that are hand picked by our designers who are all parents.  Our collection has delighted tens of thousands of gift givers and parents alike with over tons of creative baby boy gift ideas.

    Our best selling baby boy gift is the "My Very Own Name Personalized Storybook" which places your child right in the middle of a fairy tale book as his name is added into the storybook.  It is also personalized with your child's birth date as part of the story when the animal characters celebrated the arrival of your child in the book. You baby boy or girl will be the hero of his storybook, kids absolutely the sound of their names as he will hear it while you read and this will engage his more than regular storybooks.

    Our unique personalized baby blankets and baby quilts are popular baby gifts that are thoughtful and long lasting. Your recipient will think of you as their child snuggles on their personalized woven blanket throughout their important formative years.  Our most popular baby quilts are the Animals and ABC baby quilt in either soft pastels or bold primary and the top is personalized with a first and last name.  An optional gift box is available as well.
    Our popular childrens wall art is the perfect accent to any nursery decor or kids room decor. We have dozens of choices of letters, size and colors to choose from.  For example, the Blue Stripe Canvas Name Letters featured in the image above are each 5 x 5 inches in size printed on real quality canvas and backed by a wooden frame where the canvas stretches around it.  We also have thousands of canvas wall art and other personalized wall decor to choose from.

    Our unique baby clothes are the perfect personalized gift for baby.  All clothing are made with high stitch count and embroidered to ensure the name will last as long as the clothing as opposed to regular color prints.
    The Boy Embroidered Hat and Sweater Set featured above is the perfect gift set for baby boys.

    It is never too early to start your baby boy on the excitement of sport games that you love. From personalized babys first golf club which has your child's name and birth information inscribed and the length of the golf club is customized as the length of your baby when he was born.  If you love our national past time get him the Personalized Kids Baseball Bat with two lines of free personalization such as the one featured in the image above.  Start your baby boy out in life with the love of your sports.

    Of course you can also get a baby gift basket for that special baby shower. However, with our unique baby gift baskets they are all personalized and features higher quality products than regular gift baskets that you find at local stores.  Plus we have significantly more selections of both personalized and non personalized gift basket ideas.

    Our unique baby gifts for boys features a wide spectrum of baby gifts at from decor to gift baskets to everyday accessories and baby boy clothes.  Choose from over 2,000 selections in either personalized or non-personalized gifts that are sure to please.  Shop today and get free personalization and free shipping over $99 with coupon code FREESHIP if you order now.  Shop today.

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    March 08, 2011

    Unique Personalized Baby Girl Gift Ideas

    Tired of the same old generic baby gifts that you see at every baby shower party? Want to give something creative and thoughtful?  Then shop our baby girl gifts collection with personalized baby gifts for girls sure to knock the socks out of any parents to be.

    We have unique baby jewelry such as the Baby Girl's First Bangle which is a beautiful bangle clasp bracelet that has a single charm with a personalized engraved name on it in a fancy distinctive font. Only $54 and you get free personalization.

    Commerate your baby girl's first milestones with our Elegant Silver First Tooth and Curl Set with a special container to hold your first strand of hair from your baby girl and a container for the first tooth. Both containers are made of high quality sterling silver and they are both personalized.

    We also have personalized baby clothes such as the Girl Embroidered Hat and Sweater Set and the Personalized Cotton Baby Blanket.  Our baby clothes are woven with a stitch count and names are embroidered on to the blankets and clothes to ensure durability that will last throughout the childhood years. They will survive many spills and general wear from the high activity level of babies and children.

    Many of personalized baby girl gifts doubles as terrific decor to accent any nursery or kids room.  Choose from beautiful hanging wall letters, framed art, personalized canvas kids wall art, and plus personalized kids room furniture.   From canvas wall paintings to framed wall art, personalized growth charts, canvas murall banners, name plates, name tiles, name plaques and peel and play stickers, we have it all.

    You also can give one of our unique personalized baby gift baskets that includes a plethora of delightful baby essentials held by unique holders such as a baby bath tub, a kids wagon or woven wooden gift baskets.

    Shop our vast collection of baby gifts for girls today and receive FREE personalization and FREE shipping over $99 for a limited time only. This offer expires soon so order today!

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    March 01, 2011

    New Gold Framed Personalized Necklaces

    You will look absolutely radiant with any of our three new framed charm necklaces that are hand personalized with your loved ones names.  The raised rims around each circular charm is specially designed to produce a rich texture look.

    Our first featured new mothers necklace is The Happy Family Framed Charm Necklace which features three charms with free personalization.  Each charm is made of sterling silver and gold filled frames. One large 7/8 inch circle frame charm that has a single initial with up to 4 names inscribed encircling the initial.  You also get a medium 3/4 circle framed charm that fits two names.  The last charm is 1/2 inch and is inscribed with a year that is special for you.  You can add up to three birthstones of your choice to the chain and also up to three sterling silver space beads.

    Our second featured mothers jewelry piece today is the Gold Charm with Gold Fame MOM Family Necklace.  This hand engraved necklaces comes with free personalization and features a single large gold filled 7/8 inche disc charm on an 18 inch gold filled chain. You can also choose 16 inch chain and for a little more choose a 20 inch or a 24 inch chain.   The center of the disc charm has the word MOM in capital letters hand engraved and it is surrounded on all sides by up to 5 names of your choice.

    Our final featured product today is the Gold Framed Sterling Silver Charm Necklace. This lovely charm necklace has an unique silver shine from the polish sterling silver charm surrounded by a gold filled frame. The necklace chain is your choice of gold fill or sterling silver. The pendant is 3/4 inches wide and personalized with your choice of a single name. Choose up to three pearls or birthstones that are yours for no extra charge.

    As you can see our framed raised rim personalized mothers necklace designs are unique and creative.  Our mothers jewelry has been featured around the world including Oprah, Rolling Stone, Red Book, People, Celebrity Babies Blog by People, US Weekly, and Parenting magazines.  Order your personalized charm rim necklace today and enjoy free shipping over $99 and free personalization.  Order now to receive it in time for that special occasion or as a just-because-I-love-you gift.  Shop now at

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