November 09, 2009

Unique Rugs For Kids Rooms

Check out our wonderful fall and winter collections of rugs for children, we have over 700 rugs designed especially for kids room with both durability and also themed decor in mind. Our rugs are made high quality precision stitching and all have durable under side with slip resistant lining. Choose from whimsical rugs with images such as rockets, cowboys on horses, fire trucks, pirate maps, fish mazes and even dinosaurs. Or for a more solid look, choose our shaggy rugs that are each in solid colors such as blue, burgundy, pink, and any other color of your choice. The Shaggy Rugs are some of most popular rugs since they are also think and tall that gives them extra absorption power of spills and stains along with the highest rating for anti-slip. Our rugs comes in all shapes such as circles, squares and the most popular rectangle. Most of our rugs such as the Shaggy Rugs line can be upgraded to bigger sizes. Get free shipping on all orders over $99 by using coupon code FREESHIP when checking out so buy today!

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