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    October 19, 2009

    Nursery Decor Tip And Advice Center

    Today we are pleased to announced the launch of our nursery decor tip and advice center that will help new families everywhere with selecting the matching nursery products to create a beautiful theme. Whether you want a baby blue spaceship or sailing theme for little boy or a pink princess theme for your baby girl come check out our tips. We cover the major products such as crib bedding and wall art themes. We discuss materials and patterns as well as lighting and shades. Also check out our massive lighting collection such as chandeliers, nursery desk lamps, kids night lights and floor lamps. Our personalized wall art are made of canvase and hand painted with your child's name on each piece, select from over 900 pieces by over 50 artists around the world, including personalized canvas growth charts. Don't forget to check out kids rugs and toy chests sections to decorate the floor. We also have the widest selection of kids rocking chairs for moms that are both elegant, style matching and most importantly, comfortable. At BlissLiving, we have nursery decor big and small, we have it all!

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