October 23, 2009

Bathtime Baby Clothes and Towels

Bath time is one of the most anticipated activities for many babies and toddlers and you want it to be a fun yet safe time. Have you experienced when you little one gets out of the bath it is chilly in the bathroom as winter approaches and you wish you had more than a regular to dry them. Then you need to make sure to have comfortable towels and a bathrobe for them to keep warm. Check out our baby hooded bath towels and collared baby bath robes that will keep the head and neck warm. Studies show keeping the neck warm is very important to preventing the chills and increasing the chance of catching a cold.

The hooded towel is perfect for when you are getting ready to put on your child's clothes while keeping her warm during the process. No more need to worry about keeping that towel on during the dressing process. Many times I have experienced my child's towel dropping which is frustrating. That never happened again once I got a hooded towel or kids bath robe from Blissliving.com. Plus with a hooded towel or bathrobe you have the option of easily taking your toddler to her bed room or another room to put on clothes without worrying about her getting cold such as the towel not staying on.

Our Terry Infant robes are the perfect baby clothes for when baby comes out of the bath or during anytime you are changing her. Made of hi quality cotton, they are super soft and will keep your baby warm and cozy. Choose between over a dozen colors for both baby boys and baby girls. Pictured above are the Sage Baby Bath Robe and the Pink Baby Bath Robe. Or try one of our three piece sets of a hooded bath towel, wash cloth and burp cloth baby gift set. The towel measures 32 inches by 30 inches, the wash cloth measures by eight inches by eight inches, and each burp cloth measures 13 inches by 10 inches.

Shop at Blissliving.com for kids bathtime clothes and bath robes today. With a wide variety of designs, colors, and materials to choose from you are assured of finding the perfect bath robe and bath time towels for your children, shop today!

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