September 15, 2009

Add Growth Charts to Your Nursery Decor

Here are the top 10 reasons why you want to add personalized growth charts to your nursery decor, especially the ones from Oopsy Daisy like Animal Alphabet:

1. Canvas growth charts are reproductions of original works of art and add color, design, and whimsy to your walls.
2. Children love to learn their alphabet by tracing the animal pictures with their fingers.
3. Durable, sticky finger prints are easily wiped clean.
4. Inspire Children to own their own journey to teen-hood.
5. Look great.
6. Personalized growth charts are far more attractive than charts from the Doctor.
7. Eradicate the need for marking up the door jams with weekly measurements.
8. Can be personalized for each child of the family for a sense of self and belonging.
9. Personalized growth charts have become wildly popular.
10. Created by artists devoted to the creative, mental, and physical development of your child.
11. 100% US made.

There are many themes available from Oopsy Daisy. The 51 global artists create entire collections of canvas wall art, murals, and personalized growth charts to enchant and inspire your kids.

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