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    September 28, 2009

    Rocking Chairs are Essential for Kids Room Decor

    When I was a little girl, I was so proud when I received my very own kid sized rocking chair, that I carried it everywhere, when the family sat together, to have my own special place. I even put it under the dining room table, at the end, to watch TV because I was in the middle of everything and yet out of the way. Kids rocking chairs are their comfort zone, place of belonging, in the family circle and are decorative enhancements to not only kids room decor, but the entire household as well. And, there are hundreds of styles to choose from. I happen to be partial to the themes and quality that Guidecraft provide as seen here with the Safari Rocking Chairs by Guidecraft. The clever use of the zebra stripes and giraffe spots will engage boys and girls in their own Safari. These rocking chairs are hand carved, painted, and sturdily constructed for the enjoyment of kids of all ages. If the Safari Rocking Chairs simply does not coordinate with the kids room decor, then perhaps the Butterfly, the Pirate, or the Prince and Princess themes, to name a few, are a better match.

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    September 26, 2009

    Dress your Baby Like a Star with Luxury Lafayette Sets

    Lafeyette sets are all so adorable, but this particular set has added charm and panache worthy of a Star baby. In pink, for girls, the ever so soft terry velour gift has three pieces in white; a personalized bib that fastens with velcro, a hooded infant robe which is also personalized with baby girls name, and a hooted towel, all excellent for up to 18 months. This 3-piece Luxury Lafayette set is trimmed in bright pink gingham and accented with actual pink gingham star flowers. Bundling up baby girl in this happy Luxury Lafayette set is a joy. So soft and cuddly, the precious infant will be warm and secure from bed, to bath, and to bottle. It already comes beautifully wrapped in cellophane with a big, bright ribbon and can have your greeting customized on an attractive card for the perfect special occasion gift. Remember, every day of an infants first year and a half is a special occasion so you do not have to wait for a specific calendar date.

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    September 25, 2009

    Our Savannah Doll House is a Girls Gift of Beauty and Imagination

    Dolls Houses have been majestic, whimsical, fairy like and robust and made especially for little girls by master craftsmen for hundreds of years. Our Savannah Doll House, created by KidKraft, is one of those specially made so that it is perfectly sized for most fashion dolls. Measuring 32.5 inches by 13.5 inches by 51 inches, this spacious doll house is sufficiently robust to allow more than one child to play at a time. As long as your doll is 11.5 inches tall, or smaller, the little girls will be entertained for hours. The overall theme is of the classic and stately homes of gracious Savannah, Georgia and features four levels with six rooms of open space. The Savannah Doll House comes with 13 pieces of color coordinated furniture and even a full outdoor patio area. Sturdily constructed our of MDF and Rubberwood, the wide windows allow the children to view their story telling with the dolls from every point of view. Any little girl would be thrilled with this gift. Awarded the “Best Toy of the Year” award in Child Magazine, November 2006 and the Fall 2006 Parents Choice Award, the Savannah Doll House is a work of art, beauty, and imagination, that would make any parent proud.

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    September 24, 2009

    Celebrity Favorite Belle Baby Carriers

    There is a really good reason why Celebrity Moms like Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, and of course Angelina Jolie wear Belle Baby Carriers. The ergonomic design of these carriers distributes the weight of your body on your hips, rather than on your back and shoulders, which reduces your stress and supports the proper development of your babys spine. Belle Baby Carriers, featured here in black, are also light weight and streamlined to begin with to make sure mommy, daddy, and baby are happy and stress free. These baby carriers are cool in summer and tuck away for easy access when you need them. They are also 100% US made in Colorado with organic fabrics, supported by polyester and in a full range of stylish colors. Baby can face either toward or away from you and are great for maintaining direct contact with the infant, especially allowing for discreet nursing. Celebrities always shop around for the best for their babies so you can be sure that Belle Baby Carriers are the best alternative to a baby sling for you to buy. They are designed to hold babies from 8 lbs to 30lbs, and heartily approved by a long list of celebrities.

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    September 23, 2009

    The New Brad Pitt Diaper Bag: Jamah Bark

    The most famous Daddy of all, Brad Pitt, is wearing another one of our luxury Daddy diaper bags. If you ever wondered if Brad would wear a Nanny bag, well here he is. The Jamah Nanny Diaper Bag in Bark is just plain gorgeous, so with his high quality and expensive tastes, we are not surprised he chose the Jamah to wear alongside his Storksak Jamie. These diaper bags are proudly made in the USA from sensational light weight Italian leather. The Jamah Nanny Diaper Bags are made for comfort as well as lasting quality. Each one is hand stitched have detachable shoulder straps, and are protected from daily wear by metal feet. Measuring in at 10.5 inches by 15.5 inches by 4 inches, Brad can carry his architectural plans and even his laptop as well as all the baby essentials. Featuring 2 front pockets, 2 side bottle pockets, 2 back diaper pockets, a magnetic closure, on the outside, by the way, the flower is removable, so we when Angie carries his Jamah Nanny Diaper Bag, she can put it back on, and on the inside, a changing pad, 4 open pockets, a zip pocket, and a utility lining that is easy to clean.

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    September 22, 2009

    New for Fall: Storksak Aubrey

    Storksak continues to lead the pack in its unisex inspired designs for diaper bags with the new Storsak Aubrey Charcoal Diaper Bag. The popularity of the Brad Pitt diaper bag, AKA Jamie in Black, has conclusively demonstrated to all diaper bag designers that Dads carry diaper bags too. Storksak Aubrey is constructed from a hard wearing and durable canvas with silver hardware and an adjustable shoulder strap, in the messenger style of diaper bags. The clean lines and trendy retro look are sure to make it one of the top, hottest Daddy diaper bags this season. On the exterior, Storksak Aubrey features a large pocket with a magnetic closure on the back and two pockets on the front, secured by the straps that close the flap of the bag. Inside, there are of course multiple pockets for storing diapers, wipes, and other baby essentials, a padded changing mat, and a detachable key clip. One of the standard signature features of Storksak diaper bags, the dual side thermo insulated bottle pockets that keep baby fluids either warm or cold for up to four hours, is cleverly included in the Storksak Aubrey. A special, very notable feature for Storksak Aubrey is the ability to carry most laptops.

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    September 21, 2009

    Matching Personalized Bracelets for Mommy and Baby Girl

    So adorable, we are all familiar with tiny little hospital ID personalized bracelets for newborns and think how cute, and then the novelty wears off as they become dog eared and no longer attractive or presentable. That is why our designer, Mackenzie Designs, has created these lovely mother and daughter personalized bracelets set, to cherish the first days of the new born infant for always.

    Heirloom quality personalized bracelets created with sterling silver, precious freshwater pearls with a peachy pink hue, and rounded sterling silver alphabet beads are the perfect gift for the new Mom and Baby. The Like Mother, Like Daughter Personalized Bracelet Sets are strung on a sterling silver beaded chain and fastened with a sterling silver lobster heart claw. The bracelet for Mom has an additional sterling silver heart charm suspended from the extended chain. The bracelets can be personalized with up to 15 characters of the alphabet beads and measure from 4 to 6 inches for the baby girl bracelet and 6.5 to 8 inches for Mom. These matching personalized bracelets sets make wonderful gifts. They are already packaged in lovely organza bags with colored tissue and additional gift wrapping is available.

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    September 19, 2009

    Tis the Season for Baby Blankets

    With colder weather just around the corner, it is time to stock up on more baby blankets. And there are hundreds of styles, shapes, sizes and materials to choose from. There is such a great need for them as well for traveling, cribs, strollers, additional car blankets, Granny and Grampys house, and all the different seasons and occasions, that you can never have to many baby blankets.

    Baby Blankets by Cricket and Monkey have an additional flare for fun. The bold designs with bright colors are cheerful and loved by the parents. We have chosen the Flower Power design by Cricket and Monkey as an excellent example of the charm as well as the coziness that baby blankets can add to the daily life of Baby. This particular style is super for travel because it is fully machine washable, quick to dry and is backed with gorgeously soft white chenille. If you prefer a pattern other than flowers, there are 15 other color and design options to choose from, including geometric designs, the Animal Zoo, a nautical map, and an assortment of fruit. A small blanket and easily packed and transported around the house or on your travels, this blankie measures eighteen inches by eighteen inches, perfect to keep your little darling warm and snuggy.

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    September 18, 2009

    Oopsy Daisy Enchants with Fine Art

    Oopsy Daisy fine art for kids is all about enchantment and the magic of being transported to a farm complete with sheep, chicken, little pink piglets, and barns for a moment, an hour, and even a day. The collection of over 600 pieces of original artwork by 51 artists worldwide is the Oopsy Daisy guarantee that fine art is assured a place in the development of the child and the stimulation of their creativity.

    The Oopsy Daisy A Day at the Farm is a perfect example of the educational value and whimsical nature of the high quality reproductions. The print process employed by Oopsy Daisy is called Giclee. The original artwork is printed on to museum quality canvas resulting in artwork as bright and true as the original. The primary difference between the original artwork and the reproduction is that infants, toddlers, and all children are encouraged to touch the surface of the artwork and interact with the creative process; tracing the shapes, touching the colors, petting the sheep, and feeding the chicks. The wagon is theirs to push and when they open the barn door, they can let the horse out to roam. Oopsy Daisy is all about encouraging the exploration of new things and expanding the horizons of your child.

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    September 17, 2009

    Silver Bracelets Withstand the Tests of Time

    The purity and elegance, strength and suppleness of silver has made it a popular precious metal for jewelry since the beginning of time. Silver bracelets can be engraved, hammered, and woven into intricate designs and shapes for heart felt gifts for your loved ones. No matter how many years silver bracelets are worn or how many generations they have been passed down as heirlooms, the integrity of the design and brilliance of the sheen are held. A little rub of the polishing cloth and silver jewelry looks brand new once more.

    We chose a simple but elegant example of the virtues that silver brings to bracelets. The designer Arielle Adelia has created the Alternating Hearts silver bracelets as shown above, as a message of love and affection to withstand the tests of time. The open, rounded edged hearts dance in a circle, alternating their patterns and held together by small smooth links to create unique silver bracelets that will charm the loved one in your life. Because all the edges are smoothed and rounded, clothing and scarves will not catch on its surface. The bracelet is seven inches long and closes with a lobster claw clasp.

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    September 16, 2009

    Elegant Mothers Bracelets

    Mothers bracelets have adorned the wrists of Mothers and Goddesses for thousands of years so that it is not surprising that they have just recently had a resurgence in popularity. Bracelets have been a decorative form of identification, wealth, and holder of keepsakes throughout their history and for mothers, it is only natural that mothers bracelets recorded the most important events of their lives, the birth of their children.

    In keeping with this long tradition, Julian and Co. has created one of the most elegant mothers bracelets available today. Topping the fashion trends, The Birth Bracelet is a stunning hand crafted design in Sterling Silver. The one inch round charm features the artists signature hands and feet prints on both the front and the back. These mothers bracelets are then personalized with the name and date of birth of the baby. When suspended from the seven and a half inch long 9mm weight cable chain, Mom will have an everlasting keepsake of her precious babies. The Birth Bracelet comes with one charm, but you may custom order as many as you like. Because these mothers bracelets are custom made, if you are ordering for a special occasion, make sure that you allow two to three weeks of delivery time.

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    September 15, 2009

    Add Growth Charts to Your Nursery Decor

    Here are the top 10 reasons why you want to add personalized growth charts to your nursery decor, especially the ones from Oopsy Daisy like Animal Alphabet:

    1. Canvas growth charts are reproductions of original works of art and add color, design, and whimsy to your walls.
    2. Children love to learn their alphabet by tracing the animal pictures with their fingers.
    3. Durable, sticky finger prints are easily wiped clean.
    4. Inspire Children to own their own journey to teen-hood.
    5. Look great.
    6. Personalized growth charts are far more attractive than charts from the Doctor.
    7. Eradicate the need for marking up the door jams with weekly measurements.
    8. Can be personalized for each child of the family for a sense of self and belonging.
    9. Personalized growth charts have become wildly popular.
    10. Created by artists devoted to the creative, mental, and physical development of your child.
    11. 100% US made.

    There are many themes available from Oopsy Daisy. The 51 global artists create entire collections of canvas wall art, murals, and personalized growth charts to enchant and inspire your kids.

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    September 14, 2009

    Oopsy Daisy fine Art for Kids

    Oopsy Daisy is a company formed by parents who decided they wanted to ensure that art was available to stimulate the creativity and imaginations of their children. Oopsy Daisy started with just a few local artists and have now grown to a collection of 51 artists that span the globe, all whom have the same mission, the well being, education, and development of your child.

    Oopsy Daisy makes sure that fine art, especially in the form of canvas wall art for kids, is accessible and an important part of the early years of children. The magical murals and rainbow colored reproductions of the original artwork are also personalized by the hand of the artist by painting the name of your child directly onto the museum quality canvas. The art is so accessible that Oopsy Daisy encourages toddlers to trace their fingers around the shapes of the letter, numbers, flowers, and rocket ships depicted on the easy to clean surfaces. Their philosophy is to have the child interact and become a part of the artistic process, discover that creativity is practical and develop the young minds to reach further to problem solving and the creation of new and wonderful ideas.

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    September 12, 2009

    Transform the Practical into Magical Kids Room Decor

    Shopping for kids room decor is one of the favorite activities that new parents love to do. Because baby is still on the way and cannot tell you what color she prefers, you have the opportunity to reach into your own creativity and imagination and design kids room decor that is full of whimsy, fun, and beauty, just the way that you would like to have it.

    A very successful way to do that is to transform the practical elements like chairs, tables, lights, and book cases into fully themed components of your design, as well as incorporate growth charts into the art that you place on the walls. One of the most popular designs is this beauty, My Japanese Garden Canvas Growth Chart, by Oopsy Daisy Kids Wall Art. Canvas growth charts are a popular element in wall art for kids room decor because they provide color and lovely designs to stimulate the creativity of children as well as the practical element of counting and comprehending the numbers charted on the art. Canvas growth charts are very durable because they are a specially processed printing of original art work on museum quality canvas that just wipes clean, after the curious exploration of the tiny fingers children.

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    September 11, 2009

    Personalized Necklaces for Mothers for Christmas

    Christmas is a time of giving and sharing and there is no one more deserving than Mom. Personalized necklaces are a beautiful and caring way of telling Mom, your beloved wife, or even your bride how much you love her and the importance she carries in your life. Christmas morning when she opens the elegant little gift-wrapped box, she will be so happy to see the beauty of the gift within.
    The Gold and Silver Name Charm Personalized Necklaces are an exceptionally unique design. One side of the round charms of the necklace is 22 karat gold while the other is sterling silver, a hot trend in jewelry today. the slender discs are hammered by the artist to give a shimmering quality that reflects more light. The front of the face is personalized most frequently with the name of baby and the reverse the date of birth, engraved in the artists own elegant script. The disc is then attached to the your choice of either a sterling silver chain or 14 karat gold, with an authentic and petite Swarovski birth month stone crystal providing a lovely accent to the personalized necklaces. These necklaces come with one charm pendant, but you may order as many as you would like.

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    September 10, 2009

    Delectable Diaper Bags for the Holiday Season

    Give Mom and Baby a little something special this Holiday season like one of the delectable Timi and Leslie designer diaper bags. In fact, here is a hot tip, for added frosting for your gift giving this Holiday, order the CJ Satchel Tote Diaper Bags by Timi and Leslie now because it is already back ordered until October of 2009. If you wait until it comes in, you may miss it!

    Why are the CJ Satchel Tote Diaper Bags so popular? The silver frosting and stylish design appeals to the woman in every Mom. She knows that when she carries these diaper bags, she will always look her best. And it is not all just for good looks. These diaper bags convert perfectly from a highly functional baby bag to a high fashion Mommy bag in seconds. The shoulder strap is removable, the bottle holder is a traveling tote, the changing pad of course can be kept or removed, there is a little wristlet for Mommy’s personal valuables, waterproof and easy to clean lining, stroller straps, elasticized inner pockets, and an easy to access key holder. They come in black, bronze, and silver, and we chose the frosted silver as perfect Holiday diaper bags to take you from the business of the day into the fun and elegance of the crystalline nights.

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    September 09, 2009

    Give Mom the Timeless Gift of Mothers Jewelry

    Moms are beautiful women who love beautiful things which of course mean mothers jewelry. When in doubt, take heart and know that she will always adore a piece of jewelry that commemorates the birth of her darling baby. In the spirit of the season, the Gold Feather Heart Charm Necklace is an elegant example of mothers jewelry that is perfect gift as the days turn colder.

    The Gold Feather Heart Charm Necklace mothers jewelry is handcrafted from .999 fine silver and brushed with 22 karat gold. The ornate feature heart charm has wispy feather strokes of gold that coordinate with the 14 Karat gold chain and the fixtures that attaché the slender fine personalized charms and miniature accent gems. The name charm is personalized in the elegantly engraved script of the artist, Jewelry by Isabelle, herself with the date of baby’s birth engraved on the back. This mothers jewelry comes with only one name charm, but you can add as many as would like; one for each child, each member of the family, or even each special occasion. To make sure that this gorgeous mothers jewelry arrives in time to be given, place your order at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance, and possibly longer than that because you can be assured that this mothers jewelry will be popular for the Holidays.

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    September 08, 2009

    Baby Gifts Make Great Christmas Gifts for Mom

    Nothing makes a mom happier than special attention given to her baby so you will always win when you give her baby gifts for Christmas. In fact, gifts for Mom have now begun to focus on baby so that when you look at gifts for them both, you will notice the same personalized charm necklaces, designer diaper bags, and even spa baskets with lovely natural products that enhance both Mom and Baby. Baby gifts now incorporate taking care of Mom for the best of both worlds.

    Moms love baby gifts, so we found her a perfect present for Christmas. Our Caryn Lipstick Diaper Bag by Maria Bossi will put a huge smile on her face a she unwraps her presents under the Christmas Tree. The bright and happy Lipstick red of the soft and pliable patent leather will turn every head, recognizing the height of fashion and quality. These stunning baby gifts feature the super deluxe faux fur changing pad, the zip in and out lining, cell phone pocket, two exterior bottle pockets, one interior bottle pocket, two front pockets, a special mommy zippered pocket, and detachable straps for which Maria Bossi is renowned. She has even included adorable finishing touches that make these bags such perfect baby and mommy gifts. The working but ornamental brushed gold lock and key and the red patent leather key fob together say that they key to her heart is through baby gifts.

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    September 07, 2009

    Finishing Touches for the Nursery Room Decor

    Sometimes all you need to put the finishing touches on your nursery decor are little touches of personalization so that the warmth of the heart and imagination are included in the safe and nurturing environment that you have provided for your child. Nursery room decor being such a subjective action, you want to make sure that what you have created will suit baby.

    Wooden hanging letters could be just the touch you are looking for in your nursery room decor. In either upper or lower case, you can choose a single letter to represent the name of your baby and hang it over the head of the bed or on the bedroom door for a quaint and personal touch to the nursery room decor. You can also add to the letters for Christmas gifts, birthdays, and other special occasions until you spell the entire name of your baby. This is a wonderful option because by the time that baby is ready to spell he will have his entire name spelled out so that he can learn his letters and the nursery room decor becomes a living work of art. Another option is to start with his initials and then add on.

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    September 04, 2009

    Best Personalized Mothers Necklaces Fall 2009

    Fall has brought us a cornucopia of beautiful and creative personalized mothers necklaces. The best and most popular ones that we have seen are the hand crafted personalized jewelry. Each piece is made by the artists own hand and given all the care and expertise of their skill. With so many to choose from, judging the best is really a matter of personal preference.

    If you are shopping for a gift, we can recommend one of the most popular personalized mothers necklaces, and when your heart says, that is the one, you can include an inspired message to be inscribed on the necklace itself. Your input is ultimately what makes it the best for the beloved you are gifting. The Double Name Charms Personalized Mothers Necklaces are one of the most favorite because of its simple charm. In your choice of either sterling silver or 14 karat gold, the two slender .75 inch round charms are worn on a delicate chain in coordinating gold or sterling silver. Each charm has room for 7 characters which you can customize as either a message of love or friendship, or even with the name of the new born baby on the one and the date of birth on the other. Because these personalized mothers necklaces are handcrafted, make sure you allow up to two to three weeks for your order to be filled and shipped.

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    September 03, 2009

    Classics for Mom: Storksak Gigi Chocolate Diaper Bags

    The turning of Summer into Autumn is an opportunity to give Mom high quality classics that she has always yearned for but just did not get around to for one reason or another. She will love you for giving her one of the classic Storksak Diaper Bags that she has admired so much on one of the most renowned Celebrity Moms of all time, Angelina Jolie. Gorgeous, two careers and six kids, we are confidant she knows how to choose from the full array of baby bags, including Sorksak Diaper Bags, with this kind of back ground.

    Angelina Jolie’s Storksak diaper bag of choice is the Storksak Gigi Chocolate Diaper Bag. Beautifully designed and in the height of fashion so that it looks just like a designer hand bag, Gigi has been seen worn by the lovely actress over all Paris. The light weight, easy to clean nylon is accented with genuine leather adjustable straps. These Storksak diaper bags feature a washable diaper changing mat, a thermo-insulated bottle holder, and secure pockets for storing diapers, wipes, and other baby necessities. The excellent design of this baby bag allows working moms to carry baby essentials with them to work, the board room, and then shopping with baby afterward at the market while maintaining a professional mien. Mommy can even carry her laptop in the bag and still have room for baby.

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     posted by Celebrity Baby   

    September 02, 2009

    Baby Gifts for Christmas

    Christmas is just around the corner and shopping has started. Surfing the Internet for unique, special and top value baby gifts has begun so we thought that we would give you a head start on one of the very delightful baby gifts we have found. With the cold weather coming, the Minimink Faux Fur Baby Russian Hat makes fabulous baby gifts. The softest of plush fleece is lined with 100% cotton for the comfort for baby. It is necessary for babies skin to be able to breath and this company completely understands that with its entire line of Minimink products including a blanket, booties and of course the hat. Minimink is a very easy to wash and quick to dry fabric, perfect for baby wear. These baby gifts are wonderful because they are very practical, they keep your young child safe and warm in the colder months as well as look very fashionable and quite adorable. You may even find that you would like to make this a first Thanksgiving baby gift or a first snow baby gift so that the little one can enjoy the warmth and coziness as soon as the cold weather comes.


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    September 01, 2009

    Mocha Mint Classic Diaper Bag by JP Lizzy

    With Autumn approaching, it is time to look at the turning season and the new colors for your fall wardrobe to coordinate with the designer diaper bags that you carry. Chocolate is a favorite color all year round and the rich warm brown tones accentuate cooler temperatures coming just around the corner. The Mocha Mint Classic Designer Diaper Bags by JP Lizzy are a great way to transition the heat of summer to the refreshing crispness of fall.

    Even designer diaper bags can show the wear and tear of an active summer season so that come August, a fresh choice of a diaper bag is very welcome. JP Lizzy is an excellent choice. With bold lines, easy to wash micro-fabrics and fabulous colors, these designer diaper bags compliment every active Mom who needs to maintain a professional appearance for work and still take care of baby. Carrying a complete diaper changing station can be a challenge only if you your baby bag is not organized to allow the dual functionality of storing diapers, wipes, and other baby essentials as well as of course a diaper changing mat and storage space for Mommy essentials.

     posted by Celebrity Baby   

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