July 20, 2009

Kids Wall Art

Sheri Blum is one of the fastest rising kids wall art designers. Her beautiful original artwork has captured the attention of Hollywood Celebrities like the "Once Upon a Time Storybook" canvas kids wall art in lavender, which reads: "Once upon a time there lived a princess named…."

This lovely sample of Sherri Blum Designs kids wall art is a Giclee, high quality reproduction on museum quality canvas of an original art work. It is a brilliant process because it is virtually impossible to distinguish between the original and the Giclee, The colors are just as brilliant and each brush stroke is intact, with one tiny little detail that makes all the difference in your nursery room decor and your child's happiness. Whereas original artwork is hung in galleries and hidden from damaging UV rays, Sherri Blums kids wall art is available and within reach of delicate little fingers tracing the letters of her name hand painted onto her storybook and caress the roses in her garden and the turrets of her castle. Mom, all you have to do is wipe it clean again.

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