July 14, 2009

Kids Growth Charts

When I was little, our kids growth chart was mom getting the measuring tape out, standing my biggest brother up to the kitchen door jam and marking it with a soft leaded pencil. I used that mark as a goal for myself through the next 10 years and even when the lead had worn off, I could still see the imprint. Now, we have much more fun with colorful art for kids growth charts.

Oopsy Daisy Kids Growth Charts are reproductions of original paintings from over 51 global artists who create for the education and enjoyment of young children. These glicee prints on museum quality canvas, like the "Big Top Circus", are totally touchable by curios but grubby little fingers because the kids growth charts just wipe clean. Oopsy Daisy makes their kids growth charts 12 inches by 24 inches and they measure up until your child is five feet tall. They come ready to hang with their own grosgrain ribbons and decorative nails. For a special gift, for only another few dollars, you can personalize your kids growth chart by having the artist hand paint your childs name on the top of the chart.

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