July 09, 2009

Jennifer Garner Loves Kalencom Diaper Bags

Jennifer Garner is such an endearing Kalencom Mommy. Pictures of her with Violet eating ice cream, kissing her booboo, looking more Mommy than Elektra and really not caring, make you wonder what kind of products she uses for her babies. Obviously she is not worried about her budget, yet at the same time, she just does not seem like the Jennifer Lopez, $1,200 Mia Bossi diaper bag type either.
And you are right. She is very practical and loves Kalencom for rushing around, traveling, going to the beach and being organized, not because it is a designer bag with a name that conjures 3 and 4 digit price tags. Kalencom is immensely economical. The style that Jennifer Garner owns is the Kalencom Five Piece Tote set in Chocolate. With over 270 styles to choose from, you know that she had a specific reason for that one particular style. The five Kalencom pieces include a very large tote, ample for travel activities, beach towels, extra towels, a Mommy tote, which is a mini-version when you do not have to carry everything with you, an organizer with 4 mesh and zippered pockets that folds in half and secures with a ribbon, and insulated bottle bag with 3M Thinsulate, a large roll-up changing pad that also secures with a ribbon, all of which packs into the large tote and can snap onto the stroller.


Anonymous said...

any celebs using more portable solutions? i've heard about them using Jelly and the round ones from Patemm Pads. any shots of those? preferred?


celebritybaby said...

Those are the only ones that are seen on Jennifer Garner, she loves the Kalencom diaper bags.