June 30, 2009

Unique Nursery Decor for Boys

Nursery Decor lasts your child for a few years, with all the cute designs, frills, baskets, stuffed animals, and pictures of bunny rabbits and Noah's Ark, and then babies start turning into toddlers and pre-teens. There comes a point when your baby boy is more interested in model airplanes, rocket ships, and computers than he is in stuffed teddy bears and over-sized wooden block cars and trains. Until then, there are creative unique baby boy gifts that can bridge the transition of your child from baby to kindergarden and actually record it, namely personalized growth charts.

Canvas kids growth charts are a wonderful way to decorate the walls of his room and measure his transition from toddling about on tippy toes to making a touch down. In many brilliantly colored themes like the Rocket Man personalized growth chart as pictured above, the original paintings from Oopsy Daisy and their 51 artists are reproduced in the glicee method which creates prints so true to the original and on museum quality canvas that you can scarcely tell the difference. These canvas growth charts are safe for your children and long lasting so that they can shoot for the stars along with him until he is five feet tall.

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