June 11, 2009

Martha Stewart Features Liz Lange Diaper Bags

We are not surprised that Martha Stewart found this new collection of designer diaper bags from Timi and Leslie just as delicious as her marvelous food and fabulous d├ęcor. Liz Lange Diaper Bags is a high end division of Timi and Leslie for the cosmopolitan mommies and features more high quality leather diaper bags. The Marlena Diamond Pebble diaper bag in salmony pink Orange is a show stopper. Martha probably wanted to buy it for herself to use without a baby in tow because of the excellent craftsmanship and superior design.

Utterly in fashion with the latest trend for Mommies to remain incognito as they rush about in their busy professional and high profile days, the Marlena Diamond diaper bag gives not even the slightest hint of baby bottles or soiled diapers lurking in the roomy depths of its interior. The Diamond Pebble Leather is soft, supple and very durable with a lovely natural sheen that just exudes quality. Within, the bottle holder, removable Carry-All Case for baby (a Timi and Leslie signature feature of their conversion bags) a changing pad, and a Pochette for mommy’s things, there is ample room even for this Mommy’s laptop. Functional luxury, the Marlena will always keep Mother organized and never in fear of spilling baby things onto the floor in the middle of her meetings.

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