June 18, 2009

Delectable Mothers Jewelry for a Wolverine Dad

What would you buy Hugh Jackman for Father’s Day? We can guess that he would buy his lovely wife Deborra-Lee a simple necklace with diamond studded baby shoes, but what would she get her undeniably hot husband? Most of the personalized jewelry is designed for the mom’s of the house and to give a hot hunky Wolverine type Dad a Heidi Klum Family Necklace just somehow does not fit the image. He needs something manly, like Julian & Co.’s 18 Karat Gold Birth Necklace for Dad. Also check out the Square Gold Birth Necklace for Dad.

This gold tag pendant carries baby hand and foot prints on the front face with the first and middle names of his children and the last name on the reverse with the date of birth or adoption. These are custom handmade mothers and fathers necklaces and are worn on your choice of a 14 karat gold ball necklace or an adjustable black leather cord. This mother’s jewelry is very fitting for a dad who wears ID tags at work .See his pride well up as he replaces his Wolverine identity with his real one, coolest Daddy ever. Just because your child is adopted does not make him or her any less yours and gives you even greater reason to celebrate their birth. Hugh can wear as many tags on his fathers / mothers necklace as he likes.

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