June 15, 2009

Celebrities Adore Personalized Necklaces

Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker even wear their personalized necklaces to work! Watch the next episode of Sex and the City and you will see them wearing beautiful, simple, and elegant personalized necklaces like our Puffy Gold Heart Charm Necklace featuring a classic fine silver round charm three-quarter inch in diameter, this hand crafted beauty is worthy of Gwyneth Paltrow’s attention on Goop. The name of your beloved child, or even just the initial is engraved in the personal script of the artist, Isabelle, and the date of birth is etched on the other side. For a final touch, this charm is given a brushed matte finish.

The tiny and adorable 22 karat gold heart is only ½ inch in size and is all puffed up full of love and joy. The base of the heart is the same .999 fine silver from a recycling process developed by Mitsubishi Materials with an overlay of 22 karat gold. The ruby birthstone is one of the additional personalization options that you have. Of course for the other months of the year, you can choose diamond, emerald, sapphire and any of the others. It comes with your choice of either a sterling silver chain or a 14kt gold chain worn to either highlight the graceful line of your neck or nestled close to your heart.

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