June 30, 2009

Unique Nursery Decor for Boys

Nursery Decor lasts your child for a few years, with all the cute designs, frills, baskets, stuffed animals, and pictures of bunny rabbits and Noah's Ark, and then babies start turning into toddlers and pre-teens. There comes a point when your baby boy is more interested in model airplanes, rocket ships, and computers than he is in stuffed teddy bears and over-sized wooden block cars and trains. Until then, there are creative unique baby boy gifts that can bridge the transition of your child from baby to kindergarden and actually record it, namely personalized growth charts.

Canvas kids growth charts are a wonderful way to decorate the walls of his room and measure his transition from toddling about on tippy toes to making a touch down. In many brilliantly colored themes like the Rocket Man personalized growth chart as pictured above, the original paintings from Oopsy Daisy and their 51 artists are reproduced in the glicee method which creates prints so true to the original and on museum quality canvas that you can scarcely tell the difference. These canvas growth charts are safe for your children and long lasting so that they can shoot for the stars along with him until he is five feet tall.

June 29, 2009

Celebrities Loves Storksak

Of any designer diaper bag company on the market, and we are including the top, like Storksak, Nest, Mia Bossi, Timi and Leslie, OiOi, Liz Lange and the list goes on, Storksak is the preferred choice of Hollywood moms over and over again. I sometimes think Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, and Gwyneth Paltrow have baby parties at the studios where they compare notes on which diaper bags served them the best. And they all love Storksak. Angelina has at least two styles and you know that Brad Pitt wears Storsak's Jamie whether he is with the kids or not.

Jessica Alba has at least 3 that we know of; Storksak Gigi, Emily, and now, just a couple of weeks ago, we saw her with Storksak Emily Black Diaper Bag. Her gorgeous husband Cash Warren was also seen carrying it over his shoulder on a family outing. Handsome, and made for busy parents, Storksak Dori Messenger Diaper Bags are roomy enough for most laptops. Roomy front and back pockets with a magnetic flip closure and thermo-insulated bottle pockets to keep Honor's fluids hot or cold for up to 4 hours, make this a perfect baby bag for busy celebrity parents like Jessica Alba and Cash Warren. The strap is a sturdy and wide cotton canvas that adjusts to either parent's size and the changing mat included is padded and easy to clean. Add a key ring clip and a cell phone holder and don’t be surprised if you see Cash striding about with the back across his back even on off-parent duty days.

June 26, 2009

Personalized Necklaces with Hearts

Mothers Jewelry is some of the prettiest and most heartfelt gifts that we have found. Saying it with your heart has become the biggest trend in decades. So, when you are looking for a special gift for your lady love, say it with hand crafted, personalized necklaces in the shape of a heart. This Vintage Heart Locket has all the elements you need for caring, romantic, and loving mothers jewelry. Personalized necklaces that are also made by the artists' well-trained hand and inscribed in their elegant script with your loving message are sure to ignite a warm glow in her heart.

These personalized necklaces are made from Sterling Silver and safely store 2 miniature photos close to your heart. The front and back can be inscribed with your loved one's name and a personal message, baby's name and the date of birth on the back, or as seen year, declaring “Vous Avez Mon Coeur”, “You Have My Heart”, in French, the language of love, with your names on the back. The locket measures three-fourths of an inch across and arrives gift wrapped in a lovely box with a ribbon. Each of these personalized necklaces is custom made on your order so please make sure that you are leaving 4 to 6 weeks for shipping.

June 25, 2009

Nursery Decor: Beautiful Kids Rugs

Infants, toddlers, and kids of all ages spend a good part of their day on the floor. This is very natural – it's the best play space of all because it is big and there is nothing to fall from. That puts kids rugs in the essential category of nursery decor because you want your children to be safe, comfortable, clean, and in a nurturing environment. Nurturing means feeding with good things and at this point in life, the senses of our children need just as much high quality feeding as do their bodies.

Kids Rugs like Haba's Flowers in Bloom introduce beautiful colors and soft cozy textures into your nursery decor, inviting kids to get down on the floor and frolic in the meadow. Haba's rugs are all made of 100% natural wool, safe for children as well as durable and long lasting. The Flowers in Bloom style coordinates with many of their collections and is complimentary for both boys and girls for the children’s room or for baby nursery decor. This particular style measures 46.8" Long x 46.8" Wide, large enough for your toddler to play with friends and even lay down, snuggled in a blanket on the soft, plush meadow for a nap.

June 23, 2009

Angelina Jolie Loves Our Nursery Decor

When you have 6 children, a husband to organize, a thriving movie career, and you travel internationally as a UN Special Ambassador, you may just want one of the TeePee Playhouses for yourself as well as adding it to your nursery decor! Perfect for getting away and letting your imagination run wild, Angelina bought the Wild West Red TeePee for Maddox and the Tea Party TeePee for Zahara. And she is only one in a long list of celebrity parents who has recognized how perfect these moveable play spaces are for their nursery decor.

The TeePee Playhouse is so lightweight that your child can move it anywhere she likes at will. The poles are made from PVC which provides long lasting durability without the weight of wood which can splinter and break. The tent sides and flap are made from 100% cotton so we recommend spot and dry cleaning. These tents are made for providing your child with a private dream, tea party sleepover, or club house indoors. This is fabulous nursery decor that takes care of itself; it arrives fully assembled and just folds up and stores away under a bed or in a closet in seconds. To further compliment the nursery décor, the TeePee Playhouse also comes with optional coordinating pillows and reversible coverlet/ play mat.

June 22, 2009

Jack Black Diaper Bag

Jack Black now has two children so you know that he has had double the opportunity to explore diaper bags and take his pick. So, what does the “Rock Star” Dad tote? None other than Timi and Leslie of course. High quality durable leather is the fare that this celebrity dad chooses and very nice it is. The Charlie Tote Diaper Bag by Timi & Leslie is a handsome slouchy tote in leather that just wipes clean, perfect for a totally busy dad like Jack Black and his lovely wife. Pictured here in black, it is also available in light brown, teal, and red.

The Charlie Tote Diaper Bag has a removable shoulder strap, converting it from shoulder bag to adaptable messenger bag, good for dads, and contains a removable bottle tote, change pad, elasticized inner pockets, and an easy access key fob which is really essential for this bag. It is a mighty 15.5” high x 18” wide x 5” deep and needs a stalwart dad like Jack black to heft it about. But, when you have two kids, you need the baby accoutrements for both so you might as well think big when it comes to diaper bags.

June 20, 2009

Cute Baby Gifts

You may think that is a pretty big category, but there are some really cute baby gifts that we had to make sure you saw. For something totally unique, handcrafted, and no one else will think of birth certificate tiles are just the cutest. These baby gifts are original, hand-painted designs that are heat sealed into each tile for a long lasting and high-quality finish. Each birth certificate tile is six inches by eight inches and the one that you see here is one of the baby gifts for the prince of the house.

When you order, you will give the baby’s name, date of birth, weight, length, and time of day that he was born. Then the artist will hand paint that information on to the tile. Of course, there are other styles as well that are equally adorable, like the Princess in pink, the girls and boys Stork in pink or blue, the faeries, who deliver direct, Noah’s Ark, with a bright red ribbon and animals peeking out two by two, and last, but by no means least, a Baptism Lamb Birth Certificate all in white. Because these baby gifts are custom made on order, please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

June 19, 2009

Fun Personalized Wall for Kids Rooms

Oopsy Daisy Art produces hundreds of richly painted canvas kids wall art that makes the world of learning creative and fun. Jill McDonald of Oopsy Daisy Art has created a marvelous painting of the US reproduced on canvas hand stretched over wood bars. Rich colors and playful themes define the personality of each state. Looking at her work is like listening to the heart of the anthem; “Oh say can you see” USA map stretched canvas art deserves to be a part of every nursery decor for kids wall art of all ages.

With Lighthouses in Maine, red pines in California, cowboys in Texas, and horses in Montana, the “Oh say can you see” USA map stretched canvas art will take your child on a joyful journey as far as you can see. Oopsy Daisy is run by parents who understand that children are eager to explore and learn and respond to creative inspiration and stimulation. This brilliant piece of childrens wall art will not only brighten any nursery or play room, the “Oh say can you see” USA map stretched canvas art will encourage your child to touch and explore every inch of the map to make new discoveries and expand their horizons.

June 18, 2009

Delectable Mothers Jewelry for a Wolverine Dad

What would you buy Hugh Jackman for Father’s Day? We can guess that he would buy his lovely wife Deborra-Lee a simple necklace with diamond studded baby shoes, but what would she get her undeniably hot husband? Most of the personalized jewelry is designed for the mom’s of the house and to give a hot hunky Wolverine type Dad a Heidi Klum Family Necklace just somehow does not fit the image. He needs something manly, like Julian & Co.’s 18 Karat Gold Birth Necklace for Dad. Also check out the Square Gold Birth Necklace for Dad.

This gold tag pendant carries baby hand and foot prints on the front face with the first and middle names of his children and the last name on the reverse with the date of birth or adoption. These are custom handmade mothers and fathers necklaces and are worn on your choice of a 14 karat gold ball necklace or an adjustable black leather cord. This mother’s jewelry is very fitting for a dad who wears ID tags at work .See his pride well up as he replaces his Wolverine identity with his real one, coolest Daddy ever. Just because your child is adopted does not make him or her any less yours and gives you even greater reason to celebrate their birth. Hugh can wear as many tags on his fathers / mothers necklace as he likes.

June 17, 2009

Baby Gifts – Trains for Daddy

I can remember a very early birthday of my oldest brother's, I must have been 2, that my father got a train set for my brother as one of his baby gifts, at least that is what he said. However, it was my father who put the hours in building complicated tracks, building all sorts of train accessories, lakes, bridges, and even creating little figurines to populate the terrain.

He was also the only one allowed to flip the switch to make these baby gifts run on their own and so it remained for quite a few years until my bother was much older. With the Which Way Junction Train Set by PlayKraft, you may be able pry Daddy away long enough to allow the children to play with these traditional baby gifts. The Which Way Junction Train Set is made of wood and has 104 pieces including cars, street signs, the train, trees, and the entire smiling population. The set measures 48 inches x 32 inches so will fit most table tops. Designed for youngsters 3 and older (plus Dads of every age), it is large enough for all the neighborhood friends to gather round and stimulate each others imaginations for hours. This is why trains sets make such popular baby gifts.

Blossom into Summer with Fleurville Diaper Bags

When I first saw this new design, I just had to have it. The rich oriental design on a Chinese red back ground, gold chrysanthemums and ivory cranes had me when it first said hello. I am so glad that diaper bags these days are to be seen and appreciated as works of functional art.

The Blossom Redcrane Fleurville Lexi Tote Diaper Bag is a stunner. The company is already well known for its passion for eco-friendly products and style has just begun to rock this company. The entire bag weighs only three pounds so you know they are totally conscious of reducing Mom's daily stress and strain. Not only that, but it is fully adjustable from shoulder diaper bag tote, to messenger bag, and best yet, stroller bag. The trim is made from PU Eco-friendly faux "leather" and the entire bag is Teflon free. The water proof main compartment has sealed seams and the exterior is water resistant. The pockets are even fleece lined to keep baby's bottles warm. The Lexi Tote diaper bag by Fleurville also comes with their changing pad, see-thru wipe case, and a carabineer key clip. This last detail may seem insignificant until you too are standing at the curb fishing desperately in the depths of your well used diaper bag for your car keys and your precious infant is wailing and sobbing as if she will never end.

Nursery Decor for the Baby Princess

No Princess' boudoir is complete without a love seat or chaise lounge, even if she is just a tiny princess. Nursery decor reflects the life you desire your little ones to have and a princess just must have her chaise lounge, love seat, and ottoman with foot stool to curl up in and dream of the happiness she will bring to her kingdom. These adorable additions to nursery décor will coordinate with any design fit for a princess.

The Toile Pink Kids Chaise Lounge will coordinate with every little girl’s nursery decor. It is built on a solid wood frame with stained wood legs for a complete finished look. The upholstery is made from the best cotton and trimmed with candy stripe cording. It is important to note that this nursery decor is not recommended for any child over 100 lbs; it is designed for children. It measures 25" wide x 31" deep x 30" high, an exact miniature of its adult counterpoint. A lovely and practical complement to any nursery decor, the parent-sized chaise lounge is perfect for holding baby and comforting her to sleep. The designer, Angel Song, custom makes this beautiful furniture upon your order so please allow for 4-6 weeks for shipping. Blissliving.com has a full line of exquisite nursery gliders and rockers that will provide mom and baby the maximum comfort while showing a beautiful and elegant look to a nursery.

June 15, 2009

Celebrities Adore Personalized Necklaces

Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker even wear their personalized necklaces to work! Watch the next episode of Sex and the City and you will see them wearing beautiful, simple, and elegant personalized necklaces like our Puffy Gold Heart Charm Necklace featuring a classic fine silver round charm three-quarter inch in diameter, this hand crafted beauty is worthy of Gwyneth Paltrow’s attention on Goop. The name of your beloved child, or even just the initial is engraved in the personal script of the artist, Isabelle, and the date of birth is etched on the other side. For a final touch, this charm is given a brushed matte finish.

The tiny and adorable 22 karat gold heart is only ½ inch in size and is all puffed up full of love and joy. The base of the heart is the same .999 fine silver from a recycling process developed by Mitsubishi Materials with an overlay of 22 karat gold. The ruby birthstone is one of the additional personalization options that you have. Of course for the other months of the year, you can choose diamond, emerald, sapphire and any of the others. It comes with your choice of either a sterling silver chain or a 14kt gold chain worn to either highlight the graceful line of your neck or nestled close to your heart.

June 13, 2009

What Does Donald Trump Give his Babies?

The Donald is a well known celebrity that owns millions of dollars worth of property, golf courses, and casinos. “What is he likely to give his young toddler Barron?” you ask. Baby’s First Golf Club of course! Yes, there is an adorable miniature golf club created especially for children of Golf fans like Donald Trump. Crafted from a stainless steel oversize driver, this is a real golf club for the youngsters to start developing their swing early. The shaft is True Temper steel and features a specially developed Junior Grip. Baby gifts can be one in a million but this is truly unique and will be treasure for the newborn until he or she is ready to play. Perfect for gift giving, Baby’s First Golf Club can also be personalized with baby’s name, date of birth, and length and weight at birth with a special laser engraving technique applied to the top of the club. If you are wondering what length it comes in, well the designer custom builds this sweet heart of a baby gift to baby’s birth length in inches. If you do not give them a length, then they will make the club 30 inches in overall length. We’ll have to ask Tiger what baby gifts he buys for his babies.

June 12, 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker's Favorite Kids Wall Art

Nursery Decor is very personal to the parents who are conscious of the desire not only to give their children the best, but also to ensure that every element of their environment supports their development into wonderful, fulfilled, and happy adults. This is easy to achieve when you work with nursery decor and kids wall art specialty companies like Oopsy Daisy which chose 51 artists from around the globe to create educational, beautiful, and stimulating original pieces of art that are then reproduced with a glycee process.

This process allows toddlers and children of all ages to feel welcome to touch the canvas and trace the letters of their names on the personalized kids wall art as well as the shapes on the USA canvas art wall maps and maps of the world. We chose Sarah Jessica Parker's favorite, Fire Truck, by Max Grover of Oopsy Daisy, also well loved by Jodie Foster's children. The bright primary colors, bold shapes, and intriguing design are created to attract the attention of your little ones and brighten the nursery room decor as well as their day, every day as they wake up to the happy and cheerful Fire Truck.

Oopsy Daisy carries over 600 works of art and we know that there is one that will complement your nursery decor perfectly.

June 11, 2009

Martha Stewart Features Liz Lange Diaper Bags

We are not surprised that Martha Stewart found this new collection of designer diaper bags from Timi and Leslie just as delicious as her marvelous food and fabulous décor. Liz Lange Diaper Bags is a high end division of Timi and Leslie for the cosmopolitan mommies and features more high quality leather diaper bags. The Marlena Diamond Pebble diaper bag in salmony pink Orange is a show stopper. Martha probably wanted to buy it for herself to use without a baby in tow because of the excellent craftsmanship and superior design.

Utterly in fashion with the latest trend for Mommies to remain incognito as they rush about in their busy professional and high profile days, the Marlena Diamond diaper bag gives not even the slightest hint of baby bottles or soiled diapers lurking in the roomy depths of its interior. The Diamond Pebble Leather is soft, supple and very durable with a lovely natural sheen that just exudes quality. Within, the bottle holder, removable Carry-All Case for baby (a Timi and Leslie signature feature of their conversion bags) a changing pad, and a Pochette for mommy’s things, there is ample room even for this Mommy’s laptop. Functional luxury, the Marlena will always keep Mother organized and never in fear of spilling baby things onto the floor in the middle of her meetings.

June 10, 2009

Gold Heart Locket Necklace Review

For The Incurable Romantic

Spring is the season of romance and while you may not be in Paris in Springtime, you are in love and have a very special lady who will be thrilled with the passionate heart felt emotions represented by this simply gorgeous mothers necklace. It has all the elements of a winner:

1. Passion: as represented by the 22kt Gold Heart
2. Tenderness: as represented by the second charm hand inscribed by the artist with the either the name of your baby or a tender and inspired message from you
3. Original: as represented by the fact that the artist creates this necklace specifically for her with your details and no one handcrafted mothers necklace is alike
4. Love: the Labradorite gems in the mothers necklace chain sparkle with the rainbow and come from deep within the earth.

The 22kt gold heart is painted on the main fine silver charm on the back of which is written “My heart belongs to…” If that is not enough to mist her eyes and stimulate a gentle glow in her cheeks, once she reads the second charm with the name of her precious baby and birth date, accented with a tiny “star” of cubic zirconia, her heart will have melted. This lovely keepsake mothers necklace is a beautiful and gentle reminder of how romance is important in everyone’s life.

June 01, 2009

Post Mother's Day Gifts: Personalized Necklaces

Alright, so now that Mother's Day has passed, does that mean she has to wait an entire year before you tell her how wonderful she is and how much you love her? Every day is Mother's Day and the best way to say how much you love her is with the hottest trend in mothers jewelry today: personalized necklaces, which are unique gifts for mom that she will cherish forever.

To give the woman you love a special gift just because she is so beautiful and special in your life is a very generous, caring, and sincere gesture. Days can be very long and unexpected gifts of mothers jewelry, especially personalized necklaces, relieve the weight and burden of the days worries to uncover the beautiful serene smile of this precious lady. The “All Gold Name Charm Necklace” will put the sparkle back in her eyes and a soft rosey hue in her cheeks as you drape it around her neck. You may have already seen these personalized necklaces with 14 karat gold charms in US Weekly, Celebrity Baby Blog or People Style Watch because that is just how popular it is. Hand crafted and engraved in the artist’s own elegant script, her precious baby’s name is featured on the face and date of birth on the back. It is attached to the 14 Karat gold chain with an authentic Swarovski crystal birthstone for one of the most beautiful pieces of mothers jewelry that she will ever have.