April 20, 2009

Traveling? Get a Baby Travel Bag

You and your spouse and your baby are heading to the airport and heading cross country to see grandpa and grandma. What do you do with all your baby necessities? It's inconvenient to put open and close a travel bag from the overhead compartment and your purse is out of the question. You need a baby travel bag! These will fit your diapers, a changing pad (included as an accessory usually), bottles, toys, wipes, and other baby products. There are insulated pockets to hold your bottles and sippy cups, there are pockets for wipes and usually a cell phone holder with plenty of room for your wallet and lotion! A well designed baby bag will have room for all your baby's products and for yours so you don't need to lug your purse. A well designed diaper bag will give you plenty of style in place of a purse so you will not miss a beat. Best of all baby bags can be stowed underneath the seat so you never have to get up to open an overhead compartment in-flight which is tiring and potentially hazardous. Diaper bags are not just for regular travelers, celebrity moms love them as well. The diaper bag totes are ideal such as the one seen in the image above worn by Angelina Jolie.

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