April 23, 2009

How to Take Care of Your Personalized Necklaces

Personalized mothers necklaces with childs names made of sterling silver or gold are some of the most unique and beautiful jewelry for moms on Earth. These are handcrafted and are one-of-a-kind jewelry and deserve to be kept in good shiny condition. This is especially important since your handcrafted personalized necklace has indentionsjavascript:void(0) in the charms where you childrens names and birthdates are hand-inscribed. Although gold will not tarnish like sterling silver without proper care, you still keep it away from dirt and chemicals as the shininess can be masked under a layer of dirt or film. Ultimately, like all jewelry, these are delicate material, so you want to be careful of scratches and breakage of the necklace chains. Of course an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Therefore it is best not to wear your mothers necklaces while gardening, showering or exercising to reduce scratches and dents.  You can also go to your local jeweler and have them polish your bracelet to remove minor scratches and dents. Your handcrafted personalized necklaces should be cleaned prior to each use and after each use.
In general avoid cleaning your necklace with any liquids as much as possible, even soap and water can damage a fine piece of jewelry. However, if you have not used a necklace for an extended period beyond six months, clean them once in a while to maintain shine and prevent deep tarnishes, especially silver. Personalized mothers necklaces with childrens names are wonderful works of art, keep them in good condition.

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