April 18, 2009

Celebrity Diaper Bags

Life as world famous celebrity can be like living in a fishbowl being trapped and scrutinized under the glass. The camera is always on. No matter if you are doing a photo shoot or going out to the ball game, like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, there is no downtime if the world has decided to celebrate your life and that of your child’s and your baby bags. Now, babies are famous before they are even born. Lately, pregnant celebrities and their famous partners like Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, have been in the limelight toting twins, lunch bags, and designer diaper bags.

You might be asking who cares if Brad Pitt was caught with a baby bag? Try the entire world as evidenced by his recent appearance in Congress with the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She definitely cared what he accessories he was wearing as evidenced by her statement that her grandkids will be jealous by her meeting today.. What does it matter if Jennifer Lopez uses a simple rugsack bag or Storksak Diaper Bag? You care and so do we. Heidi Klum, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, and Marcia Cross, the list goes on. Celebrities have normal lives too and go out of their way to do normal things such as going to the grocery store or picking up a cup of coffee. Thus they have an immense desire their babies to have the best of both worlds, no pun intended Miley fans. When these A-listers are out with their babies, they have the best for whatever function they are performing, including carrying designer diaper bags on shopping trips and just strolling at the park. Celebrities absolutely care about their image, they get paid to do so. And we love to look; even at the diaper bags that celebrities carry.

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