September 27, 2007

Samatha Harris--It's A Girl!

September is a busy month for the Hollywood Baby Boomers! We have yet another birth announcement! Samantha Harris, cohost of Dances with the Stars gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday afternoon. Josselyn Sidney Hess weighed in at 6 lbs. 12 0z. according to reporters. Harris recorded in The Bump Report (a daily blog about her pregnancy) that she is anxious about finding out the sex of the baby. It must be difficult for parents to postpone decorating baby's room until they find out the baby's sex--unless they go with neutral nursery decorations.

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Tina Yothers A Mom Again

It's hard to believe that little Jennifer from the hit TV show Family Ties is all grown up. Not only has actress Tina Yothers grown far into adulthood, but she is raising two children of her own and is the stepmom to her husbands children from a previous marriage. On Monday, Yothers gave birth to a baby boy--and he was no average baby...this little bundle of joy weighed in at a whopping 8.8 pounds! Yothers recently concurred her weight challenge on the hit reality series Celebrity Fit Club. Hopefully, she will continue to work hard at staying trim so that all of her hard work didn't go to waste. Unfortunately, of all the baby gifts that a mom will receive from family and friends, no one can give her the body that she wants--it's all up to her!

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Not A Baby For J-Lo

Rumors have been flying about Jennifer Lopez and her suspected pregnancy. It's time to set the record straight! J-Lo is not just having "a baby"...she's possibly having two! Reporters have recently confirmed that Lopez is 3 months pregnant and if it is twins, they are due to arrive some time next spring. J-Lo's designer diaper bag will have to be well-stocked in order to survive a day out with twins! With all of the false pregnancy announcements about Jennifer Lopez, it's really difficult to determine the truth. We'll just have to wait a little longer to find out what's really going on with J-Lo...One thing's for sure--the truth will have to come out sooner or later!

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Will It Be Usher V?

Apparently Usher and his wife Tameka Foster aren't fans of waiting until the birth to find out the sex of their baby. This celebrity couple recently announced that they will be the proud parents of a little baby boy. Although the baby isn't due to arrive yet, Usher and Tameka have been brainstorming about possible names for their son. Usher seems to be leaning toward the idea of having a namesake. Since Usher is the fourth, that means Usher V is next in line. We will keep our radar on to find out what Usher and Tameka will name their son. Personalized baby gifts are great, but they are only effective when the parents decide on a name!

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Stork Arrived for Salma Hayek

Earlier this year we learned that Salma Hayek would be getting a visit from the stork...well the stork landed a girl! Valentina Paloma Panault was born on Thursday,September 20. She is the first child for Hayek and the third for her fiance Francois Henri Penault. Pinault had two other children from a previous marriage that was terminated in 2004. This little princess has a beautiful actress for a mother and will hopefully inherit her beauty and ambition. There is no question that she will inherit a great sense of style...we'll keep a look out for the cute baby clothes that little Valentina will wear.

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September 20, 2007

Warm Up Baby's Room

Summer has come to a close and fall is here! Not only will the leaves start to fall, but so will the temperature. Covering your baby's crib mattress with Fleece Crib Sheets sold by Bliss Living is a great way to keep your baby warm during those cool autumn nights. As the weather changes, so will your baby's chances of catching the sniffles. Not only are these sheets warm, but they are stain and water resistant too!These fleece baby sheets make a perfect gift for a baby shower, a welcoming baby gift, or for Christmas.

A Gift Idea For Mommy and Daddy

There is nothing more exciting than becoming a mother or a father for the first, second, third, or even the fourth time. It is customary for friends and family to shower the new bundle of joy with adorable baby gifts. But, sometimes our loved ones forget about mommy and daddy. One gift idea that is not only cute, but also thoughtful is a Birth Certificate Tile sold by Bliss Living. This gift would look great in baby's room, at the office, or anywhere in the house. These tiles are personalized with baby's name, date of birth, time of birth, birth weight and length. What a great way to congratulate mom and dad on a job well done!

Jennifer Lopez Pregnancy Rumor

Rumors are spreading concerning Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's alleged pregnancy. Although there has not been a sure confirmation as to whether Lopez is really expecting her first child, there are recent photos that look pretty convincing. We will continue to keep our baby radar on for J Lo. If J Lo is pregnant, one thing is for sure; she will not let her style fall by the wayside. Thank goodness for designer diaper bags! Lopez is the perfect candidate for the Maria Black Bean Diaper Bag sold by Bliss Living.

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Another Actress--Another Adoption

Apparently adopting a child from Africa is becoming a growing phenomenon in Hollywood. Mary-Louise Parker recently adopted a little girl and was seen showing off this bundle of joy at the Emmy Awards this past weekend. There is not much information available about Parker's new adoption, but it is pretty evident that she seems to be happy about her decision. This is baby number two for Parker who has a 3 year-old son with Billy Crudup, named Will. Parker is going to have a great time shopping for baby gifts for the new addition to her family. Shopping for baby girls is always fun!

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Sarah Callies: A New Baby And A New Job

Congratulations are in order for Prison Break star, Sarah Callies and her husband. Not much word on the details of the baby except for the fact that Callies allegedly gave birth to a baby girl named Keala in July. Die hard fans of the hit television series seem to be more worried about the confirmed rumor that Callies will not be returning to the show this season. Apparently, Sarah is taking her job as a mother very seriously and has decided that putting her acting career on hold is the best choice for her household for now. This young, stylish actress will have plenty of stories to tell while making frequent trips to the store to buy diapers, cute baby clothes, and all of the other essentials that babies need.

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September 11, 2007

No Acting When It Comes To Parenting

Actor Russell Crowe has taken a stand against poor parenting. This Gladiator star believes that raising children properly is important and it begins with being informed. He is currently working on a 5 hour parenting DVD that will coach parents on rearing their children for the first five years. Crowe is known for his deep affection toward his wife, Danielle Spencer, and their two sons. Hopefully, this parenting DVD will be beneficial to those parents that need a little guidance on how to survive the first five years of parenting. One thing is for sure, there is more to being a parent than buying your child the best baby gifts.

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Alison Sweeney, A Lesson in Toddler Nutrition

Many moms are unaware of the essential contribution that fruits and vegetables make on a child's growth. Actress Alison Sweeney has joined Gerber Products Company in a fight to educate parents on proper nutrition for toddlers. According to the USDA, it is highly recommended that toddlers have 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables per day on a 1000-calorie diet. If you have not been able to place a higher mark on your child's growth chart in several months, then your child may not be eating his or her share of fruits and vegetables.

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Fatherhood, A Life-Changing Experience for Matt Damon

As the old saying goes, "Having children is a life-changing experience". For Matt Damon, becoming a father has affected both his home-life and his career. After little Isabella was born a little over a year ago, Damon has become a man that is devoted to his family, but still committed to his career. He revealed to reporters that after his baby girl was born, he ditched going to the gym so that he could make it home in time to tuck Isabella into bed. Paul Greengrass, director of Ultimatum, commented to reporters that he believes that Damon's daughter has helped him become a better actor. There is nothing more special than the love between daddy and his sweet baby girl!

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Will Madonna Adopt Little David?

A little less than a year ago, Madonna and her husband, Guy Ritchie, were given temporary custody of a South African baby boy. Just 13 months old at the time, David Banda, was rescued from an orphanage in Malawi. Now just 11 months later, little David's fate is being determined on how well Madonna and her hubby cared for this little rock star. Reporters observed a Malawian social service official leaving Madonna's home with what appeared to be a blue folder. This child welfare official revealed no information to the reporters, but he is expected to file a report based on the couple's performance as foster parents. Although Madonna is not pregnant to our knowledge, baby watch is on for this celebrity singer!

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Second Baby for Affleck Family

The Hollywood baby boom is growing by the minute it seems. Casey Affleck and his wife Summer Phoenix are expecting baby number two. Although very few details were given about this soon to arrive bundle of joy, Affleck's spokeswoman did reveal that the baby is due to arrive this winter. This little performer will have no problem deciding what he (she) wants to be when he (she) grows up--he (she)certainly comes from a lineage of actors--on both sides! Wall art is a great way to influence a child's creativity and imagination, which are two essential elements used in the movie industry.

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September 07, 2007

The Hollywood Baby Boom is Booming

If we are not hearing about an actor expecting a visit from the stork, then we are hearing that the stork already arrived. In recent news, we learned that Australian actress, Jacinda Barrett gave birth to a baby girl. Barrett and her husband, Gabriel Macht welcomed this precious bundle of joy on August 20. We certainly hope that this couple's three-year marriage will survive the pressures of Hollywood and that Satine Anais Geraldine Macht will enjoy all of the precious baby gifts that her life will bring!

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Entertaining Your Toddlers

Many mothers find it difficult to keep their children actively engaged. Not to mention the fact that most toddlers depend on their mommies to keep them entertained. While kids toys were created for this purpose, they lose their value from time to time. If you are a busy mom looking for alternative ways to keep your child's imagination in tip top shape, you might consider introducing your little one to his baby photos. Use this opportunity to tell your tot about his birth and milestones. You might even decide to start a fresh photo album, edit your current one, or turn the whole idea into a scrap-booking project. Not only will your toddler enjoy exploring his creativity, but it will also be fun for him to learn about his life as a baby through photos.

Charles Is Still In Charge

Apparently happy days are ahead for TV celebrity Scott Baio. At the conclusion of Baio's hit reality series, Scott Baio is 45 and Single, he received a two-fold surprise. Not only did Baio's girlfriend accept his marriage proposal, but she also revealed that Scott is going to be the father of her child. According to reporters, Baio has always wanted a son, but his dream of having a son must be put on hold for now because he is having a girl. Well it looks like Scott Baio is in the market for a daddy diaper bag!

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Halloween Costume Idea for Baby

With a newborn or toddler and October quickly approaching, it is difficult for a mother to bear the thought of shopping for a Halloween costume for her baby. If you are a busy mom that is looking for a cute yet practical baby costume for Halloween, you may consider a pair of scrubs for your baby. The wonderful benefit to the My First Scrubs sold by Bliss Living is the costume’s versatility. After your baby is over and done with playing doctor, he can freely lounge around in the outfit for the weeks remaining. Talk about cute, practical, and versatile!

Monsters Ball Actress is Pregnant

Academy Award Winner, Halle Berry, recently announced that her lifelong dream has come to fruition. She and her Canadian model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubrey, are expecting their first child. At just 3 months pregnant, Cat Woman star is worried that her Type II diabetes may affect her pregnancy. While most women in Hollywood are worried about gaining baby weight, Berry is concerned about having a happy and healthy pregnancy. It’s going to be fun to watch Halle’s bump get bigger while she is out shopping for cute baby clothes.

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