August 29, 2007

Working Mom Guilt

So, you started your career—got pregnant—went on maternity leave—and six weeks after your baby was born you had to return to work. What is a mom to do when she is faced with the responsibility of having to work, but she feels guilty about leaving her baby for 8 hours a day? If you are a mom that is experiencing “working mom guilt”, then rest assure that you are among millions. There is good news about working moms—according to the experts, working moms, on average, are said to be healthier than stay-at-home moms. Researchers have found that stay-at-home moms are more likely to become depressed than a mother who works outside of the home. So, when you are driving on your way to work tomorrow morning, don’t feel guilty! Remember, whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, you deserve to pamper yourself!

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Getting Baby to Sleep

Most parents complain about their baby’s sleeping habits. While some babies have trouble sleeping through the night, others have trouble sleeping soundly in their crib. According to the experts, there are many factors that contribute to a child’s inability to sleep at night—lacking a sense of security is one of them. One suggestion given by Family Education is to place a stationary object in the baby’s crib to give him a sense of security. A Personalized Plush Teddy Bear such as the one sold by Bliss Living just might be the answer to your baby’s sleeping needs—and yours too!

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Diaper Bag Checklist

It is perfectly normal for a new mother to be confused about what to include in her diaper bag for a day out with her baby. She may need to take our cue from Angelina Jolie, because her Storksak Gigi Chocolate Diaper Bag appeared to be well-stocked as she was seen out with her daughter, Zahara. Some of the major items that every mother should include in an infants diaper bag are: diapers, wipes, milk, bottles, cloth diapers, pacifiers, rattle/toy, spare baby clothes, baby food, eating utensils, diaper rash cream, sunblock, changing pad, plastic bags, water, and Tylenol. There are many more items that would be helpful to carry, but this is a condensed list to get any mom started on her day out with her baby.

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Source: Parents Magazine

Oliver Hudson Welcomes a Baby Boy

Congratulations! are in order for actor Oliver Hudson and his wife Erinn Bartlett who also has an acting career. It looks like Oliver will be able to pass his surname down at least for another generation because he and Erinn just welcomed the arrival of their brand new baby boy! Born a few weeks before his actual due date, little Wilder was awesomely embraced by his first time parents on August 23. No information was given about Wilder’s weight—he may need preemie baby clothes for the first week or so.

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Tom Brady’s Son—What’s His Name?

We have heard of all of the crazy names that celebrity parents have chosen for their kids. Names such as Apple, Fuchsia, Suri, and Willow rank high on the list of the craziest names in the history of Hollywood. More recently, the constant confusion over the name of Tom Brady’s son has been a topic of discussion for the past few days. It has now been confirmed that the name of Brady’s son is not William, but it is, in fact, Jonathan. Hopefully, no one had wooden hanging letters made for him ahead of time.

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August 20, 2007

The Benefits of Personalized Baby Gifts

Are you a mom that loves personalized baby gifts? Most mothers enjoy custom-made baby items because they are really cute. Whether it is a personalized baby t-shirt, a burp cloth, or a diaper bag, including the baby’s name on any gift will add a special touch. More importantly, using personalized items for your baby is a great way to set his belongings apart from others. For babies who attend day care, having a personalized diaper bag and other individualized items can work to a parent’s advantage. Many parents complain about other children going home with their child’s items. Using your baby’s initials or name can help to prevent this mistake.

The Baby Brag Book

Celebrity babies come into this world with the spotlight shining on them...even before they can utter their first words. What about those ordinary babies that have a face that was born for television? Well, agents are always searching for the cutest kids that America has to offer. Keeping a Baby Brag Book by Bliss Living on hand is a great way to get him started in the modeling will never know who you might run into on that quick trip to the grocery store. Whether a child tries out for commercials, marketing ads, or a baby magazine cover, he will always be a celebrity in the eyes of his parents.

The Diaper Cake Was A Hit For Samantha Harris

Earlier this month, just days short of eight months pregnant at the time, Samantha Harris celebrated her pregnancy among close friends and family. Although the sex of the baby remains a mystery, there is no doubt that this baby has many loved ones in his or her corner. Showered with tons of baby gifts, the diaper cake was the center of attention at this party. Similar to the Baby Shower Cake sold by Bliss Living, this centerpiece made for a very interesting conversation piece. It also was the inspiration for a t-shirt decorating activity. This co-host of E! News will have plenty of stories to tell as she makes her way into motherhood.

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Coping With Post-Pregnancy Weight

Many women fear the dreaded idea that their bodies will undergo an extreme metamorphosis during pregnancy. While eventually most women will accept the fact that gaining weight during pregnancy is inevitable, losing the weight becomes a bigger issue (no pun intended). German Model Heidi Klum has been an inspiration to other moms. After giving birth to her third child less than a year ago, Klum has managed to make her way back to the camera. This Jordache model recently posed in a provocative photo shoot wearing nothing more than a pair of jeans. What is the secret behind shedding her baby weight? Ironically, Klum owes her successful weight loss to her children. It is not difficult to stay active when you have three kids and tons of children's toys to keep up with.

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Winter Baby For Samantha Morton

Bring on the baby gifts! Another baby is expected to arrive this winter! British actress, Samantha Morton, recently announced that she and her fiance Harry Holm are expecting a baby. Due to arrive in January, this is the second child for Morton. While Samantha has been busy filming her latest movies, the happy couple has not had time to have a wedding according to Morton's publicist. If Morton and Holm are not careful, they are going to be planning a baby shower and a wedding simultaneously!

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August 13, 2007

How to Cure the Pregnancy Blues

Many women suffer from nausea, heartburn, and indigestion at some point during their pregnancy. If you are one of those women that experience a little discomfort during your pregnancy, there is one way to distract yourself from focusing on your pregnancy woes. Do what most women enjoy doing...GO SHOPPING! Splurging on cute baby clothes and shopping for nursery decor is a perfect way to cope with the pregnancy blues. Remember, shopping may be the answer to many problems that women experience during pregnancy, but do not create more problems by blowing your budget!

Sara Gilbert Has a Baby Girl

Who ever said that having two mothers was impossible? Sara Gilbert, former actress on the sitcom, Roseanne, and her partner Allison Adler celebrated the birth of Sawyer Gilbert Adler on Thursday, August 2. This makes two children for the couple. The couple decided to equally share their role as a mother given the fact that Gilbert carried little Sawyer and Adler carried her big brother, Levi. Now that Levi is 3 years old, carrying a diaper bag might have become a thing of the past for Gilbert and Adler. Well, it is time to get used to carrying one again, ladies! Designer diaper bags sold by Bliss Living are fashionable, yet practicable. These qualities make them a popular choice for many celebrities.

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Baby Idol Has Arrived!

While most women that are nine months pregnant would be decorating the babys nursery, Antoria Gillon, a future star, was auditioning for American Idol at Texas Stadium. Not only did she impress the judges with her voice, but also she did a great job singing while in labor! Gillon put her contractions aside and gave it her best shot. Well, her hard work and dedication to the show must have paid off, because she made it to the next round and will appear on the hit television series on Fox! Gillon auditioned on Monday and gave birth to her son, Jamil Labarron Idol McCowan, on Tuesday. What a way to begin a new week! Baby Idol will be rooting for his mother in January.

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Baby Shower Cake Tower

There is nothing more exciting than gathering together to celebrate the birth of a brand new baby. The average person will attend multiple baby showers in a lifetime. In order to make your baby shower a little more interesting, one element that will add a nice touch is the Baby Bear 3-Tier Diaper Cake. This cake will not only add visual appeal to your shower decor, but it is also equipped with baby items that can be used after the baby shower. Some of these items include a receiving blanket, hooded towel, baby booties,brush and comb set, and much more…

Baby Boy For Baby Spice

There are seven children between all of the Spice Girls! Emma Bunton and her boyfriend Jade Jones are celebrating the birth of their brand new baby boy. This precious baby boy was born on Friday at 11:12 a.m. weighing in at 7 pounds 15 ounces. He must have been a sight for sore eyes! He was named Beau, which is French for beautiful. Is Beaus birth weight hereditary or was it just a coincidence that he weighed the same amount as his father did when he was born? With the support of the four other Spice Girls, little Beau is sure to receive tons of baby gifts!

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August 06, 2007

A Special Room For Baby

Many mothers choose to add personalized details to the babys nursery. While a newborn is not completely aware of his surroundings, as he develops he will soon recognize colors, shapes, and other images. Adding name plaques, wall letters, and personalized art is not only a means of decorating, but it also serves as a learning tool for children. Decorating the babys room with his name helps him to develop a sense of identity.

The Mommy Nesting Instinct

Mothers are always amazed by the burst of energy that they experience during the second to last trimester of their pregnancy. While on occasion they have had difficulty getting out of bed, or shall we say rolling out of bed, the sudden burst of energy known as the nesting instinct is quite powerful. This maternal phenomenon causes women to eagerly prepare their home for the newborn child. The nesting instinct usually involves extreme cleaning and decorating. Most women take this opportunity to begin decorating babys room and to disinfectant their house from harmful germs and bacteria.

Dharma Has a Story to Tell!

Jenna Elfman, former star of the popular television series Dharma and Greg gave birth to a baby boy. Bring on the Its a Boy Baby Bliss Gift Basket! Named Story Elias, the 7 pound 2 ounce baby boy arrived on July 23 to be greeted by his proud parents, Jenna and Bodhi. Reporters reveal that Story likes classical music, his mom’s boobs, clean diapers, and lengthy naps. Elfman did not let her pregnancy get in the way of her acting career. She recently starred in a short video which airs on a popular comedy website.

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Nicole Richie and Her Baby Rumors Revealed

After weeks of speculation and widespread rumors, Nicole Richie, daughter of Motown legend Lionel Richie, finally reveals that she is pregnant. Richie shared in a recent interview with Diane Sawyer of ABC News that she is 4 months pregnant. The baby’s father is the bible reading rocker, Joel Madden, who Richie has been dating for less than a year. It is going to be interesting watching her baby bump expand throughout the year. Nicole will be hounded by paparazzi as she goes shopping for the nursery decorations and other baby items for the next 5 months!

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Baby Scare for Usher and Tameka

It was just weeks ago that we found out that music star, Usher, and his fiance were expecting their first child this winter. The couple also announced their plans to get married at the end of July. Unfortunately, all of the stress of planning the wedding sent Tameka to the emergency room. While rumors were spreading about wedding planning arguments and mother-in-law disagreements, reporters reveal that the wedding was cancelled due to the baby scare. After determining that Tameka and the baby were okay, Usher followed through on his proposal and married Foster on Friday. Wedding presents and baby gifts are in order for Usher and his new bride!

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