May 23, 2007

Gaining Weight is Fun?

Clothing designer, actress, and model, Milla Jovovich told reporters that she is pregnant, gaining weight, and loving it! Just 4 months pregnant, Jovovich is already reading books about preschool and consulting her friends for parenting advice. She raves about her strange food cravings and her not-so-guilty indulgences for her mother's potatoes. To the average person, an increasing appetite for carbs is a no-no, but for Milla, it's fun! I wonder if Milla will spend part of her pregnancy designing baby clothes for her new arrival? Having a clothing designer for a mom is so cool!

Source: People Magazine

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Healthy Moms and Babies Are Reaching for the Stars!

Nest Whipstitch Leather Diaper Bag in Platinum - Heidi Klum's Choice!
Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell is expecting her first child in June. As seen on the cover of Pregnancy magazine (June issue), she has shown the world that you can be Pregnant, Sexy, and Healthy all at the same time! Her work as the national spokesperson for the March of Dimes campaign back in 2004 has helped to increase awareness for the fight to promote healthy pregnancies along with preventing birth defects. O'Dell's commitment to other moms and babies has prepared her for motherhood. Nancy is known for her stylish appeal and continues to shine in her chic maternity clothes. With a designer diaper bag and cool mommy clothes she will continue her stylish trend post-pregnancy.

Sources: March of Dimes, Celebrity Pregnancy, Pregnancy Magazine

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Lebron James and High School Sweetheart Expecting Baby #2

The Hamptons Navy Pique Romper with Tennis White Trim
Lebron James, small forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers will be celebrating Father's Day this year with the best gift of all...a brand new baby! James and long time girlfriend, Savannah Brinson are expecting their second child in June. Already the proud parents of 2 year-old, Lebron James Jr., they are anxiously awaiting his sibling.

During halftime of game 6, Lebron's girlfriend was rushed to the hospital. The reason for the medical emergency has not been made public, however, reporters say that she is doing well and is at home resting. At this point, she is probably organizing all the stylish baby clothes and making sure that the baby's nursery is in order!

Source: CAVS News

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Three's A Crowd?

Ballerina Butterfly Lamp & Shade
Some say that two's company and three's a crowd. Ed Sanders, celebrity designer of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition seems to think otherwise! He and his wife Gioia recently celebrated the birth of three baby girls. Gioia may have to agree that three's a crowd given the fact that she had to carry three around in her the same time! The couple is elated, but had to admit that getting pregnant with triplets was slightly terrifying.

Scarlette, Azure and Lucia are lucky to have a celebrity designer for a dad. Decorating a nursery will be a piece of cake for Sanders. It's obvious that the girls will have the best Nursery Decor on the block!

Source: People Magazine

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Need a Gift For Father's Day?

Wooden Table Top Picture Frames
Okay moms you have had your day of reigning glory! Step aside and let daddy have his too! Whether he is a veteran dad or a daddy-to-be, he deserves to be recognized for his diaper duty! The Storksak Jamie Diaper Bag is a masculine choice for any cool dad. At least Brad Pitt seems to think so! Looking for a gift for a dad who's retired from "poopy duty"? A popular pick for our seasoned dads is a Wooden Table Top Picture Frame. Make this gift more personal by loading it with a photo of him with the kids. What a nice addition to his desk at the office.

Source: Simply Brad

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May 17, 2007

Keep Winter Babies Warm

Cashmere Baby Blankets
Pregnant moms who are expecting babies this fall and winter should buy a cashmere baby blanket from Bliss Living to keep their babies warm and cozy during the cool winter nights. The geometric shaped designs on the blankets come in nine different colors and designs so there is one that will match your nursery decor. They are perfect for new babies because they are soft, made of natural fibers, really lightweight, and perfect for a little one. In fact, Courtney Cox snuggled her little one, baby Coco, in this fashionable blanket during the brisk winter nights. You're never too young to live in style!

Always be Ready to Brag on Your Baby

Baby Brag Book
Once you received that first ultrasound photo you were probably showing it to everyone who was even remotely interested. And, if you thought you were bad while you were pregnant just wait until your little bundle of joy makes an appearance. When this occurs you will take hundreds, maybe thousands of photos and show off your baby at every opportunity. Now, you can do this is in style with a stylish baby brag book from Bliss Living. Choose either pink, blue, yellow, green, or other designs for your brag book. These brag books are custom made in the design you choose and hold up to 40 photos. That means you can show off all your baby's "firsts" to family and friends in style and you won't have to worry about the photos getting fingerprints on them!

Give a Smart Gift with the Baby Einstein Wagon

Baby Einstein Safari Friends Wagon
You may not know much about kids now, but as you have babies and your friends do as well you will learn all about the benefits of Baby Einstein products. So, a great way to start off the life of your child or your nephew, niece, or a friend's baby is with the Baby Einstein Safari Friends Wagon. This wagon is equipped with lots of items that will provide any baby with a great start on learning. A mini wagon, waterproof bib, plush lion, teether book, hooded towel, and other great baby gifts will make any mom-to-be happy-not to mention the baby!

Show Her Just How Much She is Appreciated

Diamond Baby Shoes Heart Necklace
Women go through a lot while they are pregnant and ultimately when they give birth. Seeing that tiny, smiling face is all worth the effort, however a little bit of appreciation from her husband is always reassuring. If you want to show your wife how much she means to you and how much you appreciate all her hard work in bringing your child into the world then check out the Diamond Baby Shoes Heart Necklace at Bliss Living. This necklace made of white gold and diamonds has a diamond heart with baby shoes dangling inside. It is beautiful, tasteful, and a gift your wife will love and always cherish.

Personalize Your Baby’s Nursery

Wooden Hanging Letters - Whimsical - Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake
Every mom considers her baby to be "one of a kind". If you want your
baby's nursery décor to reflect just how special he is, there is no better way to welcome your little bundle of joy than with personalized nursery art from Bliss Living. There are several types of nursery art that you may choose from-the alphabet, space designs, garden and hot air balloons, as well as the Noah's Ark theme. No matter what nursery theme you have decided on, you can find plenty of nursery decor at Bliss Living. Just find the artwork that you love and simply
coordinate it with the nursery bedding also from Bliss Living. Bliss Living makes decorating your baby's nursery really easy!

May 07, 2007

Scary Spice has Everything Nice!

Clocks for Baby Nursery & Kids
Former Scary Spice, Melanie Brown, recently had a little girl and while having one famous parent is enough, it is believed that Angel Iris Murphy Brown has a famous dad as well. Rumor has it that Eddie Murphy is her dad and a DNA test is in progress to prove it. Regardless of who the dad is, Angel will be well taken care of and is sure to have nursery décor that is beautiful and girly. She probably even has cool accessories like the pink and white lamb lamp at Bliss Living with a matching tabletop clock in the shape of a lamb! Angel will surely have a great nursery with mom Melanie Brown involved in decorating the nursery.

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Dharma's a Mom!

Baby Onesies
We all loved Jenna Elfman from the hit television series, "Dharma and Greg". Now, she and Bodhi Elfman, her husband of 12 years, are parents for the first time to a new baby boy. He was born this spring and according to Jenna, it is the best thing that has ever happened to her. As she works hard at being a mommy, she won't need to work as hard at keeping her superstar appeal for both her and the baby. There is no better way to show off her star-status than to dress with star-studded style. She can find lots of stylish baby clothes for her little one at Bliss Living. Jenna's little man would look great in a personalized blue boy onesie. A baby can never have too many onesies!

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Source: NY Post

Moynahan to Experience Motherhood

Rugs for kids
There is definitely something in the water in Hollywood! Many celebrities are becoming mommies this year and TV star Bridget Moynahan will soon join its ranks. Bridget claims that the father of her baby is former boyfriend, Tom Brady - England Patriots quarterback. Since they are no longer together, Bridget will endure her pregnancy with the support of family and friends. While this might be tough for her, Bridget may be able to focus on her nursery décor in order to give her something positive to occupy her mind. Decorating the nursery with cool art for kids from Bliss Living is an awesome way to start. Wooden hanging letters that spell out the child's name, or perhaps nursery rugs that tie in the décor are just a few among many of her choices!

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Source: USA Today

Elisabeth Expecting Another Baby

Maternity Tees & Tanks
The adorable Elizabeth Hasselbeck that we all remember from the hit television series, "Survivor: The Australian Outback" and "The View" is pregnant with her second baby due in November. And while Hasselbeck is no longer on "Survivor", being a mother of two often feels that way! Football player husband Tim Hasselbeck is delighted with the news and will watch his wife's belly expand all summer. Hopefully he's prepared for those midnight runs for those late night cravings! Elisabeth won't let pregnancy compromise her style; she'll enjoy wearing attractive maternity clothes like those sold at Bliss Living. As the summer progresses we just might see her in a solid ribbed maternity tank and jeans while she is out basking in the sun.

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Source: People

Pressly’s Baby is on its Way!

Storksak Jamie Diaper Bag in Brown/Espresso
Jamie Pressly, actress on "My Name is Earl", is enjoying her ever-expanding belly and is due any day now. Her mid May due date is practically here and mom-to-be Pressly is excited over meeting her son Dezzi James for the first time. With Pressly's
style, she is likely to been seen out and about with her little one while carrying a Storksak diaper bag - a popular choice among many celebrities. So many to choose from, Pressly's southern charm and name may lead her to the Jamie diaper bag in brown/espresso. It won't be long before Dezzi makes his way into this world and Jamie will take on her new role as "mommy" - stylish mommy that is!

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