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    April 30, 2007

    Remember All Your Baby’s Firsts

    Baby Memory Album - Kids Quilt Blue
    When your baby smiles, grows a tooth, eats solid foods, and starts walking all for the first time you will want those memories to be implanted in your brain forever. However it is all too easy to forget the details associated with those special moments if you don't record them. So be sure to have a camera on hand during your baby's first few years to capture all those milestones. Store these lasting memories in a beautiful Fabric Covered Baby Photo Album-Kids Quilt Blue (Personalized) from Bliss Living. Have their name embroidered on the album to make it extra special. You will not only remember all your baby's firsts, but also show him off in a beautiful album that will protect the photos for years to come.

    Sources: Baby Memory Albums, Baby Scrapbooks, Baby Photo Albums & Frames

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    Finally a Maternity Shirt That is Fun to Wear

    "Little Prince Inside" Maternity Tank T-Shirt
    Being pregnant can be frustrating especially when you can't find clothes that are trendy and cool like you wore pre-pregnancy. Fortunately, there are several new styles available for pregnant women. The "Little
    Prince Inside" Maternity Tank T Shirt
    is a perfect example. Bliss Living really has a great selection of maternity clothes and this t-shirt is a beautiful way to show off your expanding belly in style! The shirt comes in French Blue and one size fits all. Treat yourself or a friend with style-what a great gift this would make!

    Sources: Maternity Clothes, Maternity Tees

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    Watch Me Grow!

    "Birds of a Feather" Growth Chart
    Babies grow up so quickly right before their parents' eyes. Some parents enjoy keeping track of their children's growth patterns. The Birds of a Feather Growth Chart by Bliss Living is an exciting way to watch your little one grow. This growth chart is perfect for a baby shower, Mother's Day, or just because! This particular growth chart is made of canvas. It is truly a piece of art that will last for years to come. It will not only measure your baby, but it will also add a nice touch to the nursery!

    Source: Growth Charts for kids

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    Carry Your Baby in Style

    Toile Moses Baskets
    Babies may be new to the world but they know what they want. They want to be comfortable! Carry your baby with style and comfort with the Toile
    Moses Basket
    . The pink Toile Moses Basket sold by Bliss Living is a wonderful carrier for that special baby girl. The one-inch cushion covers the inside of the basket to make it extra soft and cozy for your little one. The Moses basket is constructed of wicker fibers that are tightly woven to ensure durability. This is an outstanding baby gift for
    anyone expecting a little girl. There are also Moses baskets available in other colors, too.

    Sources: Moses Baskets, Baby's first bed

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    Your Baby Has Left His Mark...So, Show it Off!

    Baby Footprint Necklace
    When your baby was born he left his mark on your life forever. Now you want to show the world that you are a new mommy and love it! There is no better way to show off your motherhood than with the Footprint Necklace from Bliss Living. This silver necklace is handcrafted and includes a custom inscription. Wearing your baby's tiny footprint around your neck will show the world the proud mommy that you really are! The baby Footprint Necklace will make a great gift idea for any new mom or mom-to-be.

    Sources: Mommy jewelry, Mommy necklaces, Mom's Charms

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    April 27, 2007

    Did TomKat Really Have a Little Kitten?

    After a whirlwind year of whether she even existed, Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom and Katie, turned the age of one on April 18. A birthday she shares with another celebrity baby, Grier Henchy daughter of Brooke Shields. Suri showed up at Grier's birthday party with gifts in tow. No word on what those gifts were, but knowing her stylish parents they were most likely designer baby gifts. These two celebrity babies are growing up in the limelight and it looks like they may just grow up to be friends.

    Source: Celebrity Babies

    Technorati Tags: Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Brooke Shields

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    The Best Baby Gift is in the Name

    Wall Hanging Letters
    When it comes to finding the best gift for a baby shower the greatest gift is in the name - the name of the child, that is! With Bliss Living's wooden hanging letters you will score a big one with the parents-to-be and their nursery décor will score with some serious style! There are many styles and colors available. Consider coordinating with the nursery. Custom-made gifts are special and will always be cherished by the little one for years to come!

    Source: Hanging Letters for Baby & Kids

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    Angelina Jolie Gave Pax a New Posh Lifestyle

    Storksak Gigi Chocolate Diaper Bag - Angelina Jolie's Choice!
    It wasn't long ago that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's new son Pax was living in an orphanage without any of the new luxuries he is surely experiencing today. Jolie is a super stylish mom and she certainly provides well for her kids. They are neatly dressed in what appears to be designer kids clothes and they always look prepared for pictures. Jolie loves style and she prefers the Storksak Gigi diaper bag and other fashionable products offered by Bliss Living. She certainly provides well for Pax and he seems to be growing accustomed to his new lifestyle.

    Sources: Diaper Bags, Designer Diaper Bags, Baby Bags, E Online

    Technorati Tags: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

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    A Cry For Help: Britney Spears or Her Kids?

    With so much speculation surrounding Britney Spears as of late, everyone is wondering what’s going on with her two kids. Her oldest son is 17 months old and the youngest is only 5 months old. They are only one year apart and still need their mommy, but with so much turmoil it seems they may not be getting the attention they need. People Magazine reported that Britney’s estranged husband, Kevin Federline, brought their two sons to Promise to visit their troubled mother. Nevertheless, Spears has been seen out and about buying the little tykes clothes, toys, and some of the other things that children need. And although the Britster has had a difficult time it's obvious she loves her little ones and loves to spoil them rotten.

    Source: People Magazine

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    Baby Gifts that Really Shine

    Circus Bold - Hand Hooked Wool Rugs - Children's Rugs
    Are you looking for an extra special baby gift for that extra special bundle of joy? Do you want to avoid those baby gift clichés such as: onesies, bottles, bibs, and clothing? Although these are very important elements to a baby's well being, why not consider something that will enhance the baby's nursery? Baby bedding or a children's rug
    are great ideas that will last forever and will always be remembered as an extra
    special gift. A great selection of baby boy bedding and baby girl bedding is available at Bliss Living
    not to mention a wide array of children's
    that would complement any baby nursery. The best baby gift
    is one that is unique, useful, and that will last forever. Baby bedding and children's rugs from Bliss Living are great gifts for that special little one.

    Sources: Rugs for kids, Nursery Rugs, Rugs for baby

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    April 25, 2007

    Naomi Watts is Not Just Expecting Sunshine This Summer

    Darling Ducky 3-Tier Baby Cake

    Baby watch is on in Hollywood and this year Naomi Watts is one of the superstars who will give birth to a little bundle of joy. Many of her superstar/mommy friends like Liv Tyler, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kate Hudson have plenty of advice for her upcoming encounter with late nights and poopy diapers and surely style suggestions as well. All of these famous moms have made a statement with their designer style. With all of the advice that her friends are bringing to the table, let us hope that they bring some great baby gifts to Watts' baby shower. Should they shower her with a Mr. Blue Bear baby cake or a Deluxe Pink baby cake? The yellow Darling Ducky baby cake is always a safe choice!

    Sources: Celebrity Pregnancy, IMDb, Baby shower cakes, Diaper Cakes

    Technorati Tags: Naomi Watts, Liv Tyler, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson

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    New Baby for Tori Spelling

    Drama Queen Diaper Bag - Posh by Tori
    It is hard to believe that Tori Spelling, the geeky teenager from the 1990's hit show, 90210, has a brand new baby boy! Liam Aaron McDermott was born mid-March and weighed 6 pounds, 6 ounces. Boy is he the light of his new parents' eyes! With a newborn baby to nurture, new moms, like Spelling, need lots of baby gear. Getting out with a newborn is not quite so easy. Buying a designer diaper bag like the Posh by Tori from Bliss Living will help any mom stay organized. Tori Spelling would look especially trendy with the Posh by Tori diaper bag - not that the name has anything to do with it!

    Source: ET Online, Diaper Bags, Designer Diaper Bags

    Technorati Tags: Tori Spelling

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    A Great Mother's Day Gift Idea

    Mother's Day is just around the corner and the perfect gift for any new mom is the Mom's Name Charm Necklace sold by Bliss Living. This antique styled silver chain with a hammered disc inscribed with her child or grandchild's name on one side and birth date on the other is stylish and sentimental. She will get the best of both worlds on this gift. Any new mom will love this gift and wear it with pride. This is a great pre-baby gift as well for pregnant moms. Make mother's day special this year with a beautiful Mom's Name Charm Necklace!

    Soruce: Mommy Jewelry, Mommy Necklaces

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    Baby Watch for Julia Roberts

    Back in December we found out that Julia Roberts and husband Danny Moder are expecting their third child, which is due this summer. However, due dates are only an estimated date of when the stork will actually arrive. Her twins were born premature so Roberts could have her third baby any time over the coming months. Of course, after having twins, a singleton will probably be a piece of cake for the superstar, but that will not cut out her need for necessary supplies like designer diaper bags, nursery decor, and anything else that mommies need. Roberts is the type of mom who might choose a diaper bag from , which is just as stylish as the polished actress, herself!

    Source: Fox news

    Technorati Tags: Julia Roberts

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    Marcia Cross Gets Double the Pleasure!

    Marcia Cross recently gave birth to twin girls at the age of 44. Of course, she and her husband are ecstatic, but they could probably take some advice from other celebrity moms like Angelina Jolie for example. Jolie really has mommyhood under control as she is seen around with her Emily diaper bag from StorkSak. Cross certainly could use one of these designer diaper bags to look stylish (like Jolie does) as she gets out and about with her new twins!

    Sources: TV Squad, People Magazine, Bliss Living Baby

    Technorati Tags: Marcia Cross

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