July 31, 2006

Hollywood's Working Moms

Wondering what Hollywood's most famous Moms's life is like since baby came?

  • Julia Roberts - After voicing a nurse ant in 'The Ant Bully,' Julia voices the titular spider in 'Charlotte's Web' and teams with Tom Hanks for a spy drama.

  • Angelina Jolie - Two roles lined up: a panda ninja and slayed journalist Daniel Pearl's widow.

  • Jennifer Garner - After some time chillin' in Boston where Affleck is directing his first pic, Jen is back at work, on the political thriller 'The Kingdom.'

  • Gwyneth Paltrow - In October, she'll star in two ensemble dramas: the memoir-based 'Running with Scissors' and the (other) Capote biopic, 'Infamous.'

  • Liv Tyler - After keeping a low post-'Rings' profie, Liv will appear in the upcoming 9/11 drama 'Empty City.'

  • Brooke Shields - She'll play a shrink on the fourth season of 'Nip/Tuck,' thereby getting in a subtle dig at sparring partner Tom "What Psychiatry?" Cruise.

  • See photos of these and other celebrity moms at AOL.

    Source: AOL

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    July 29, 2006

    Deluxe 3-Tier Baby Cakes - Perfect for Baby Shower Gift!

    Deluxe Pink 3-Tier Baby Cake for Baby Boy & Girl - Perfect for Baby Shower Gift!
    Our 3-Tier Baby Cakes for girl and boy are as good as it looks. Available in Pink, Blue and Yellow. Perfect for baby shower gift! Impressively large (32" tall), this beautifully arranged 3-tier cake comes filled with all the essentials needed to keep baby clean, fresh and secure.

    Come delivered beautifully gift wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon. We can include your greeting message on a gift-card for free. Please enter message on check-out page.

    Luxury features include:
  • 100% Cotton Gown

  • Hat

  • Hooded Terry Towel

  • Receiving Blanket

  • Booties

  • Bib

  • Terry Toy

  • 4 Diapers

  • J&J Lotion

  • Shampoo

  • Powder

  • Soap

  • A Dash of Love

    Shipping Time: Quick ship. Ships out in 1 business day.

    Available at Bliss Living Baby Gifts
  • July 27, 2006

    How to Pamper a Baby Princess

    Walk A Buddies Princess Coach
    If you have a little precious princess at home, here are some baby product ideas that will surely delight you and her:

  • Walk A Buddies Princess Coach - Innovative "coach" design with ringing bell makes learning to walk fun!

  • Royal Rocker "Princess" Rocking Chair - Comes with a crown backrest with removable heart-shaped back cushion amd a special message: "Always a Princess". It even included the "test" for all princess--a little green "pea" hides under the seat cushion!

  • Princess Castle Playset - Crafted from wood, the Princess Castle Playset combines imagination with practicality. The Princess Castle Playset opens up to reveal the inside of the castle for play, and closes for easy and convenient storage.

  • Tabletop Clock - Princess Crown - Our hand-crafted and hand-painted wooden clock is softly sanded to give an aged and slightly distressed look and feel. This unique clock makes the perfect gift for a baby nursery or children's room decor.

  • Princess Vanity Table & Chair Set - Comes with a Heart-shaped mirror with "crown" and two heart-topped boxes w/ hinged lids for storing jewelry, make-up and other treasures - one with a music box that plays "Pomp and Circumstance".

  • Source: Bliss Living

    July 26, 2006

    Celebrity Parents Birthday Bashes for their Kids

    Famous parents dish on the best birthday bashes they've thrown for their kids.

    Maria Tangerine Diaper Bag by Mia Bossi
  • Natasha Henstridge star of the film The Whole Ten Yards "When our sons Tristan and Asher turned 4 and 1, my husband, Liam, and I planned an outdoor fair with a cowboy theme. We brought in ponies and a petting zoo and hired a balloon guy who made all sorts of animal shapes. We had a hot dog cart and cotton candy, and the kids got cowboy hats. For the invitations, I made up a goofy poem and had caricatures of the boys drawn." (Seen in this photo with the Maria Tangerine Diaper Bag by Mia Bossi.)

  • Jane Seymour actress and author of the new memoir Remarkable Changes "My twins' most ingenious birthday party was their third. Kristopher and John wanted a reptile party, and the reptile wrangler arrived with all sorts of creatures. At one point, I had a six-foot albino boa constrictor around my neck, but it was perfectly safe. There were snakes, iguanas, tarantulas, and scorpions without the stingers, and all the kids got to hold them. Anyone who had a phobia about creepy, crawly things was cured that day! We always home-bake two different birthday cakes for the twins and decorate them with the kids at the party."

  • Kathy Ireland designer of the Kathy Ireland Home furniture collection "For her fourth birthday, my daughter Lily wanted a princess party with all the girls in her class. We did an invitation with the Disney princesses, including Cinderella and Ariel. Everyone was asked to dress up like a princess, and seeing all the guests arrive in their little costumes was adorable. My two sisters and my mom, who surprised everybody by dressing up like princesses too, brought out a Barbie birthday cake. We had a royal treasure hunt in which the girls filled goodie bags with princess-type favors like costume jewelry."

  • David James Elliott and Nanci Chambers stars of the CBS series JAG "For our daughter Stephanie's seventh birthday, we gave her an old-fashioned tea party. We decorated with pink flowers and pink balloons and put out dress-up clothes: hats, pearls, gowns, and long gloves. We also brought in a manicurist and a face painter. For place cards, we had Cookies By Design make giant teacup cookies with each girl's name. We served mint tea and lemonade from teapots; sandwiches cut into heart, flower, and star shapes; birthday cake; and petit fours."

  • Ricki Lake actress and talk-show host "My son Milo, who's now 5, loves 60s groups like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. For his fourth birthday, we put together a rock-and-roll party. The cake was a piano with figurines of the Who on top. As favors, we gave CDs of Milo's favorite music. For my younger son Owen's first birthday, we threw a party at a favorite Mexican restaurant. The invitation was a mini piñata donkey, and the favors were maracas and little sombreros."

    Source: Child Magazine

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  • July 25, 2006

    Angelina Jolie's "Suzy" by Hammitt Bags

    Angelina's Jolie's "Suzy" by Hammitt bags
    Recently featured in the March 2006 issue of InStyle Magazine, the Suzy Diaper Bag by Hammitt is the diaper bag of choice for Angelina Jolie. Made from rich, brightly-colored imported Italian leather, all Hammitt products are hand-sewn in Los Angeles.

    Fully lined, tons of storage, magnetic cargo pockets. Extra long handles. Changing pad included. Makes a great transition to a travel bag once your diaper-bag days are gone.

    As Seen In: InStyle Magazine (March 2006)

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    July 24, 2006

    Kelly Ripa's Baby Food Tips

    "I think the best thing, and this is in terms of baby food that both of my kids absolutely loved, is when I would bake butternut squash with butter and then puree it in the blender," Ripa says. "They guzzle it down. Then the great thing is, if you want to, if you have a fussy eater, and I'm lucky that neither one of my kids are fussy eaters, but if you do have a fussy eater, you can take Omega-3 fish oil for added nutrients that are so good for brain development. You throw it right in there, they never taste it, or you can also throw spinach in there, spirolina, you know, really good brain-boosting vitamin supplements right in there, into the puree, and they never taste it. And it's so delicious. And, you can freeze it. You can put it in freezer trays and make little cubes of butternut squash frozen, so you only take out what you need for each serving. You take the cubes out and defrost them, and that's a serving."

    Read more interview with Kelly at Celebrity Parents.

    Source: Celebrity Parents

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    July 23, 2006

    Safari Theme Nursery Decor

    Safari Mirror
    Bliss Living offers any children's room decoration themes that you desire. The most popular one this summer is the Safari theme. Bliss Living was even featured in Pregnancy Magazine for their one-of-a-kind hand-crafted Safari Mirror. Check out these beautiful products for any animal, jungle or safari theme room decor. They are hand-crafted and hand-painted on wood, softly sanded to give an aged and slightly distressed look and feel.

  • Safari Mirror - measures 18" x 24".

  • Safari Lamp - measures 20" tall with shade

  • Safari Bookends - Base is 4" deep x 6" across; Height is 6" - 8"

  • Source: Bliss Living, Pregnancy Magazine

    July 22, 2006

    Celebrity Cashmere Baby Blankets

    100% Cashmere Baby Blanket - Pink Dot
    Moms are raving about our collection of luxurious 100% cashmere blankets. Made of natural fiber, our cashmere blankets offer luxurious softness, warmth and breathability for your special baby. Measure 36 x 48 inches. Available in 9 patterns. These are so soft and beautiful you'll see why they are being featured in countless magazines! Order one for your precious baby today.

    Why cashmere for your baby?
  • Ultra-fine natural fiber

  • Luxurious - top-of-the line of all natural fabric

  • Comfortable - offers softness, warmth, breathability
  • Feather-light weight

    As Seen In: InStyle Magazine, "Million dollar babies" (May 2005) -- "Snuggling with a newborn is one of life's greatest pleasures. And it can become even more precious with this cashmere blanket, which Courteney Cox uses to swaddle baby Coco."
  • July 20, 2006

    Framed Art for Children's Room

    Freddy Frog - Baby Frog Framed Canvas Wall Art
    Fun, whimsical and full of imagination, our collection of framed artwork for kids is a wonderful addition to any child's room. Our framed art for children's room are reproductions on fine quality paper. They are decoratively framed with antiqued white wooden frames and covered with Plexiglas.
    Proudly made in the USA. Our framed artworks make beautiful nursery decor for your baby or children's

    Charcoal Teddy- Blue Border Framed Wall Art
    Some of the U.S.'s most noted celebrities have Oopsy Daisy art hanging in their baby's nurseries and children’s playrooms. Visit here to see what celebrities are saying about our Oopsy Daisy canvas artwork collection for children.

    July 19, 2006

    Julia Roberts on motherhood

    Julia Roberts returns after a two-year break from Hollywood to raise her twins, Phinneaus and Hazel. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Julia speaks about motherhood.

    "This is why you work for twenty years and then have kids," Julia says of becoming a mother of two. "The reason I did all that really, I kind of say now, is so that I can stay home."

    Married life seems to be treating her well, and Julia says the kids are taking it pretty easy on her and husband Danny Moder. "My boy is a great sleeper," she says. "My girl, she has her moments." And Danny is right there to lend a helping hand, even with diaper duty. "He's a good everything," Julia says of her man.

    Still, there are some things that only a mother can do without missing a beat. "I can catch poop in my hand and just be like, okay," she says. Nobody ever said raising twins was an easy, or glamorous, job!

    Returning to film projects for the first time since 2004's 'Ocean's Twelve,' Julia is back as the voice of Hova in the animated family feature 'The Ant Bully,' which opens July 28 and is produced by Tom Hanks.

    "By the time we got rolling, the babies were born," she says. "They were very good about, like, I would work for two hours and go home and nurse and come back and work. It was crazy [but] that's what you do!"

    So, did creating her pint-size character give her newfound respect for ants? "They are kind of fascinating," she admits. "I have to say this though, I did flick an ant the other day that was about to crawl onto one of my kids, but I thought that was maternal instinct, not hatefulness."

    For more with Mark and Julia, watch ET on July 18, 2006.

    Source: Entertainment Tonight

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    July 18, 2006

    "Jungle" Canvas Wall Art by Stephanie Bauer

    "Jungle" Canvas Wall Art by Stephanie Bauer of Oopsy Daisy
    Stephanie Bauer has been painting since age six, and over 30 years later continues to infuse her paintings with wonder and whimsy. Born and raised in Vermont, she received her degree in interior design and entered the architectural profession. With great success, she then launched her own faux-finish and decorative painting business. She now works as a full-time artist and feels that she has "not only been bitten by colour, but swallowed up whole."

    "When I was six my parents gave me an 'art box' and I have been painting ever since. For years, I painted faux finishes for people, which was a great way to help people get more colour in their lives. Three years ago, before the birth of my third daughter, I started painting silly colourful animals for children. These paintings have become quite popular and I have a whole herd of different animals that I paint. From lions and elephants to dragons and dragonflies."

    Stephanie's illustrations are truly unique and expressive in content, color and composition. She has hit upon a wonderful theme that captures the imagination of children, the appreciation of adults and the humour in all of us. While Stephanie's message is subtle, her celebration of a vibrant tropical colour palate and wildly innovative pattern are anything but.

    Artwork shown: "Jungle" Canvas Wall Art

    Check out Stephanie Bauer's collection of children's artwork by Oopsy Daisy at Bliss Living.

    July 17, 2006

    Brad Pitt is "grateful" for his children

    The 'Today' show's Ann Curry talks with the actor about eco-friendly housing in the region, and the joys of being a dad. Here's an excerpt:

    Curry: Something is happening to you to make you want to do this stuff because you're doing more and more. Pitt: Man, I got kids now. And it really changes your perspective on the world. And, you know, I've had my day. I've had my day. I made some films and I've really had a very fortunate life. And it's time for me to share that a bit.

    Curry: Angie says that the reason why she does so much humantarian work is because, having children, she feels a greater responsibility.

    Pitt: It's true. It changes ... it completely changes your perspective. And certainly takes the focus off yourself, which I'm really grateful for. [Laughs]

    Pitt: I'm really grateful to them.

    Curry: You tell ...

    Pitt: I'm so tired of thinking about myself. I'm kinda sick of myself.

    I can't do justice to it anymore than any other parent can. You feel that you want to be there and you don't want to miss out on anything. And it's a true joy. And you want to be there for them if they need anything. It's a true joy.

    Curry: Love.

    Pitt: Yeah, it's ... oh, a very profound love. Yeah.

    Curry: Wonderful.

    Pitt: Best thing I ever did. You know, you can write a book, you can make a movie, you can draw, paint a painting, but having kids is really the most extraordinary thing I've ever taken on. And, man, if I can get a burp out of that [baby], that little thing, I'll feel such a sense of accomplishment.

    Tune in to "Today", Tuesday, July 18, 2006 for more of Ann Curry's exclusive interview with Brad Pitt.

    Source: The Today Show

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    July 16, 2006

    Newborn Silk Blanket

    Newborn Silk Blanket
    Newborn Silk Blanket - Wrap and swaddle your precious newborn baby in a cloud of natural breathable silk and plush, double-brushed cotton flannel for early sensory development and sheer contentment.

    The edges are carefully sewn flat with tiny heirloom stitching for a snug fit. Made to last out of durable 100% silk charmeuse and extra-thick 100% cotton flannel. Completely breathable which is so important for a calm, satisfied baby. Made with eggshell silk lining & trim.

    Size: 30" x 30"

    Available in 4 beautiful colors: Ivory, Light Pink, Snow, Light Blue.

    Source: Bliss Living Baby Gifts

    July 13, 2006

    Britney Speaks: Her Interview with Harper's Bazaar

    Britney Spears is due with her second baby in mid to late September, and she shares her feelings on pregnancy, Sean Preston, 10 months, and the return to performing. Some highlights:

  • On pregnancy: It's "empowering," but "you don't feel the most beautiful all the time." She adds that she felt unprepared and paranoid while pregnant with Sean, but with this pregnancy she's just "had to wing it."

  • On image: "[Pregnancy] was weird for me at first because of who I am. Wherever you go, they expect you to look a certain way. I'm not supposed to be this big huge pregnant superstar."

  • On working out and performing again: "After this baby...I'm going to get really intense with [my workouts]. According to Harper's, Britney says she "can't wait" to perform again, "but I really have to take my time and do it right and be safe...Actually, not that safe. When you perform, you have to be dangerous."

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    Source: People, Celebrity Baby Blog

    July 11, 2006

    Baby Golf Gifts for the aspiring golfer

    PGA Tour Golf Cart Rocker
  • PGA Tour Golf Cart Rocker - Our new PGA TOUR Rocking Golf Cart captures the spirit and fun of golf perfectly for the 2 to 5 year old aspiring golfer! Securely anchored on an anti-tip rocking base, it has a green fabric canopy, white wood body, and a wood putter for an impromptu game of golf.

  • Baby's First Golf Club - Donald & Melania Trump have one for their son Barron! Start a future golf lover off right with this functional starter child's driver! Made with stainless steel oversize driver, this real golf club is great for display in a child's room or playroom. True Temper steel shaft, and Junior Grip. Complimentary personalization makes this the most unique way to announce a new birth for the golf loving family.

  • Golf Lamp - Bliss Living's Golf Lamp comes with a beautiful coordinating lamp shade. This is a wonderful addition to your baby nursery or children's room.
  • July 09, 2006

    Children's Canvas Wall Art by Maria Carluccio

    "Nesting" Canvas Wall Art
    From artist Maria Carluccio's own words - "After I graduated college I decided I wanted to see the world with a backpack. I went to live in Italy for a few years. I would paint, draw and collect all sorts of things in my journals. I would find treasure in the exotic scraps of paper. I would find characters for stories. I would learn how to trust my own intuitive spirit. Upon my return I knew for sure I was meant to be the girl behind the drawing board. I realized I needed to experience the media hands on and I wanted to discover something new every time I approached the drawing board."

    Pieces of her beautiful artwork for children and baby nursery:

    "Nesting" Canvas Wall Art - "I did this paintng when I was pregnant. It was spring time too and the idea of new life seemed to be prominant in my mind."

    "Ferris Wheel" Canvas Wall Art
    "Ferris Wheel" Canvas Wall Art - Fun, whimsical and full of imagination, this is a wonderful addition to any child's room. Delicately hand-stretched over wood bars, the sides are decoratively finished so no framing is necessary.

    July 07, 2006

    Russell Crowe and wife welcome a second son

    Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe's wife, singer Danielle Spencer, gave birth to the couple's second child. Tennyson Spencer was born at 7:21 am on July 7th in Sydney, Australia. He weighed in at 8 lbs, no word on a length, and has black hair, according to Russell. Baby Tennyson and the family are "doing very well," said manager Grant Vandenberg.. He joins big brother Charles, 2 1/2. Both boys carry on mom's last name by having it as their middle - a nice touch!

    Russell confirms that the baby is named after British poet Lord Alfred Tennyson, but says he will be called "Tenny." The name was also chosen because "it was different" and because of the likeness to Russell's brother name, Terry, and the shared initials. Russell called in to his friend John Laws radio program to personally announce the birth, saying that, "Dani is great, mate, everybody is fine. The family is over there giving her big kisses and stuff. I am just going home to pick up Charlie to take him over to meet his new baby."

    Source: Celebrity Baby Blog, Stuff

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    July 06, 2006

    Hanging Letters - Beautiful Room Decor!

    Wooden Polka Dot Hanging Letters
    Jazz up a door or wall with our whimsical Hanging Letters. Spell out a name or a favorite phrase. Available in lower case with ribbon, upper case, framed, polka dot and in tiles. Already assembled and ready to hang!

  • Wooden Hanging Letters (lower case) - Hand painted white and slightly distressed. Each whimsical letter is approximately 9" tall (13" with ribbon).

  • Capital Wooden Hanging Letters - Delicately hand painted and available in "denim blue" and "rusty red".

  • Framed Wooden Hanging Letters - Whimsically framed letters add spunk to any room! With a scalloped frame, decorative background print and coordinating ribbon, these letters have quickly become one of our most popular items.

  • Polka Dot Hanging Letters - Spell out a name or a favorite phrase in either pink, blue, yellow, green or lavender letters with white polka dots.

  • Name Tiles - Lil' Baseballs
  • Name Tiles - Using original hand-painted designs, each 4x4 name tile is personalized, and individually hand-finished with your child's name. We treat each name tile like a piece of artwork and make sure no two tiles are exactly alike.
  • July 05, 2006

    Award-Winning Moses Baskets

    Retro Circles Moses Basket
    BlissLiving.com offers Moses Baskets that are made of tightly woven wicker construction fibers and the padding includes a 1" cushion to provide super soft comfort for your baby. It is perfect for use during your newborn baby's first few months to provide a safe and cozy resting place.

  • Features:

  • Stays new looking, wash after wash

  • Inserts can be removed before laundering so bumpers retain their original shape

  • Duvet style design

  • Includes matching double-sided flannel-backed blanket

  • Includes a 1" super soft cushion

  • Blanket and padded lining are machine washable

  • 100% cotton

  • Appropriate for newborns to 20 lbs or 4 months old

  • When baby outgrows the basket, great for use it as a place for storing stuffed animals or linens

  • Award: Platinum Award by New York Amsterdam News, Dec. 2004 - "This is the most marvelous Moses Basket our testing panel had ever seen! The fabric was soft and beautiful, while the basket was flexible and very appealing. The baby that is lucky enough to receive this will be resting in true style!"

    July 01, 2006

    June Babies!

    A summary of new parents and babies in June - Congratulations!

  • Jack Black (actor) & Tanya Haden: son Samuel Jason born (6/10)

  • Martha Byrne (actress, As The World Turns) & Michael McMahon: daughter Annmarie (6/12)

  • Adam Carolla (comedian/radio host) & Lynette: son Santino "Sonny" and daughter Natalia (6/7)

  • Brandi Chastain (soccer player/sports reporter) & Jerry Smith: son Jaden Chastain (6/8)

  • Nadia Comaneci (gymnast) & Bart Conner: son Dylan Paul (6/3)

  • Sarah Connor (German pop singer) & Marc Terenzi: daughter Summer Antonio Soraya (6/23)

  • Matt Damon (actor) & Luciana Bozan: daughter Isabella (6/11)

  • Marquis Daniels (football player, Dallas Mavericks) & Shana: daughter Syriah Laki (6/21)

  • Mariska Hargitay (actress) & Peter Hermann: son August (6/28)

  • Woody Harrelson (actor) & Laura Louie: daughter Makani Ravello (6/3)

  • Ramon Hernandez (baseball player, Baltimore Orioles) & Bellatrix: daughter Genesis (6/19)

  • Greg Kinnear (actor) & Helen Labdon: daughter Audrey Mae (6/13)

  • Princess Laurentien & Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands: daughter Leonore Marie Irene Enrica (6/3)

  • Chen Lu (figure skater) & Denis Petrov (pairs figure skater): son Nikita (6/28)

  • Princess Mabel & Prince Johan-Frisco of the Netherlands: daughter Joanna Zaria Nicole Milou (6/18)

  • Lauren Sanchez (TV host, So You Think You Can Dance) & Patrick Whitesell: son Evan (6/22)

  • Elizabeth Shue (actress) & David Guggenheim: daughter Agnes Charles (6/18)

  • Chris Simms (football player, Tampa Bay Bucaneers) & Danielle: daughter Sienna Rose (6/18)

  • Chico Slimani (British singer) & Daniyela Rakic: daughter Lalla-Khira (6/5)